Brio Airport Baggage Cart & Police Helicopter Review

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I’ve mentioned on many occasions just how much Harry loves his train sets. He can happily spend hours and hours whizzing them around the tracks and of course, the more elaborate I make the tracks for him the happier he is.

He has 2 large drawers full of Brio trains and tracks, bridges and figures and what I love most is that all the Brio sets can be used together so it is very easy to slowly build a collection, and means it can be added to for birthday’s, Christmas’ and other occasions without breaking the bank. No need to keep all sets separate and they all join together easily.

The latest additions Harry has been sent to add to his collection are the Brio Airport Baggage Cart and a Police helicopter.

Brio Airport Baggage Cart

The airport baggage cart comes complete with 1 cart, 2 trailers, 2 removable pieces of luggage and a baggage handler.

There are 3 sections to the baggage cart, all connecting with magnets like all the other Brio vehicles. The cart is bright red and made of plastic, while the trailers are wooden with removable plastic baggage trays and plastic suitcases.

The man bends at the waist allowing him to sit and drive the cart and he can also carry the suitcases around.  He comes wearing his work uniform of black trousers, yellow top and red vest with a red cap.

This makes a perfect addition to the Brio Airport set, or of course can be used alongside any Brio tracks, or played with on its own.

Harry love the fact he could place the suitcases into the mans hands and made up great stories about where the people who the cases belonged to were off to on their holidays.

We love these simple toys which spark children’s imaginations, making them think of their own stories, they also help to develop gross and fine motor skills for young children.

This set is priced at £16.99 and is available from Amazon as well as other good retailers.

Brio Police Helicopter

This is a 3 piece set which contains a Police helicopter, Police pilot and a cargo of gold.

The canopy of the helicopter lifts up so the pilot can get in and out and the propellers can be spun around with your hands.

On the base of the helicopter is a strong magnet which is used to pick up the precious cargo of gold.

The police pilot can escort his valuable cargo to safety by flying it across town high away from thieves who are waiting to steal it – Harry has had great fun playing cops and robbers with this set, imagining scenarios where the gold could be stolen from and then the police arresting the bad guys and rescuing the gold.

We have added this to our other Brio sets and it is a lovely new addition, working well with Harry’s Brio Police Transport Set which has a police train and a crane to lift the gold onto the train.

The Brio Police helicopter is priced at £11.99 and is available from Amazon and other good retailers.

One of the wonderful things about Brio is it really is ageless, Emmy loves playing with these sets just as much as Harry does – and I have to admit to enjoying building lots of special tracks for them both.

Disclaimer: We received these items in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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