BRIO Fire rescue emergency set review

There is something magical about train sets – there never seem to lose there appeal for both adults and children alike.

Harry loves paying with his sets and we can spend hours making tracks and having adventures with his trains and figures.

Recently, we received the BRIO Fire rescue set to play with and Harry couldn’t have been happier – he loves everything to do with Firemen and being a boy likes to put out pretend fires with his hose pipe.

BRIO fire emergncy set

This set contains:

  • 1 station
  • 1 Fire Engine
  • 1 Fire Wagon
  • 1 Fire
  • 2 Fire Fighters
  • 2 Trees
  • 1 Level Crossing
  • 1 Piece of road
  • 2 Rock supports
  • 1 Bridge
  • 1 Lumber Train
  • 1 Lumber Road
  • 1 Lumber Wagon and holder
  • 12 pieces of track
  • 1 Ramp

Brio Fire emergency setSetting this set up was very simple with the exception of the part next to the station as I had the level crossing the wrong way around and couldn’t make the pieces join up – of course I clearly didn’t look at the detailed instructions as it shows a diagram of the finished track.

fire set2

Making sure the bridge and supports are in the correct place is a little tricky because if not placed correctly then when you drive the train over the bridge it will collapse and you’ll need to rebuild it.

The fire station has a lifting door so the fire truck can drive in and out and the fire engine has a pull out hose pipe which the fire fighters can use to put out the fire.

fire set3

fire set4

The figures are very detailed and Harry loves the fire piece and the fire hose.

The fire engine comes with batteries and by pressing the buttons on the top you can turn on the lights and sirens before heading off to put out a fire and saving the day.

BRIO Fire rescue set reviewFire train setWhat I love most about these train sets is that they are universal and all the wooden train tracks fit together so we can store them all in one box together and make huge tracks – because more is always good when it comes to trains in Harry’s eyes!

This set has a RRP of £79.99 however is currently on offer from Amazon for £66.84.*



Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for this post.*Affiliate link


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