Britmums 2015: Introducing my Sponsor

We are well into April now and the year is just flying away, that of course is sad but it also brings me closer to an event I’ve been looking forward to since last June.
Britmums Live! I purchased my ticket the day after last year’s event and have been looking forward to it ever since.
I’ve attended this event for the past two years and have enjoyed it each time for different reasons. Attending blogging sessions and workshops – each year my focus has been different so I’ve attended different sessions, it will be the same this year and photography is high on my list, aswell as meeting up with some of my very good blogging friends of course.
I am so pleased to have another very fitting sponsor this year (with past sponsors being Kiddy and Children are Welcome), I would like to thank and introduce you to Peacharo.
Regular readers will know of my childcare history, and for those of you who don’t: I worked in a Day Nursery after completing my DNN (Diploma in Nursery Nursing) and then went on to be a Nanny for 14 years.   I also started my own Nanny/Babysitting agency with my former employer when Emmy was around a year old.
Peacharo Consulting is a very fitting sponsor for me as it fits so perfectly with my working background.
So who are they?

Peacharo is a Childcare Consultancy business run by Kate Peach.
Like me, Kate has a very long-running childcare background,  working in the same Day Nursery for 20 years progressing quickly to Manager Director before finally opening Each Peach Childcare,  her own Nursery.
Peacharno Consulting is a tailored childcare consultancy which meets the individual needs of the company or establishments requiring their services – these range from Day Nurseries, Businesses , after school clubs and even Childminders.
Services can range from basic or specific workshops and training, to individual longer term programmes, or business evaluation and assistance. They are able to target all levels of staff from trainees to management, for individuals to small or large groups and adjust their input accordingly.
Kate offers all kinds of advice and training with her team from helping to recruit staff to helping to get an establishment Ofsted ready.
Chatting with Kate a few weeks ago was so interesting as she has a real passion for what she does and it is so varied and fascinating, I could have chatted away all day as it is something which reminds me so much of my pre-children days.
I was really interested in the Secret Shopper part of her consultancy – a service offered to establishments to rate and possibly improve on their whole business from initial contact – for instance of a prospective parent looking around a nursery; this starts from the initial email or phone call, then follows the process through from booking an appointment to looking around, follow up visits, calls and questions parents may have and also unannounced visits. 
This helps to highlight anything which could be improved upon, made more effective etc.
Having been on both sides of this – working in a Nursery and looking around as a prospective parent I really like this idea.  When we were expecting parents to look around the Nursery I worked in we often told in advance which meant activities could be changed to look more exciting perhaps, the Nursery Nurses weren’t put into the kitchen if the cook was off sick and everything done by the book.  Of course I’m not saying it usually wasn’t but we all ensured the room plan/weekly schedule was adhered to which sometimes lapsed when we fancied a different activity that day.
It is very rare to find someone who loves all aspects of their job and who’s passion shines through – Kate is one of these people and as well as Peacharno she plans to expand Each Peach Childcare with hopes for another Nursery next year and long term plans of 5 or 6 by 2020.
For further information on Peacharno please do visit their website:
I look forward to seeing some of you at BritMums Live very soon and for those having the ‘What to wear’ debate please do read this post, written after I attended for the first year: The Truth of it is No-one Cares!

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  1. I love the secret shopper idea, I've looked round so many nurseries and come away wondering whether they really wanted people to send their kids there or were deliberately trying to put people off!

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