Britmums Live 2013

OMG…’s almost Friday which means I’ll be London bound for 2 days to attend Britmums Live.

Having already attended Cybher this month I’m not going to be sporting the same nerves I had then, I will be there to learn and enjoy and meet with lots of fellow Bloggers and Brands.

I was a nervous wreck at Cybher not knowing all that many people and no knowing what to expect, however what I’ve learnt mostly about myself from that experience is that everyone will be in the same boat, everyone gets nervous and it’s OK to take 5 minutes or more to collect your thoughts, stare blankly around the room like a rabbit caught in the headlights and to go outside to catch your breath.

It’s OK to look lost

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed

It’s fine to stare at people’s breasts to check out their name badges

Everyone will be in the same boat and you WILL make so many news friends by the end of the day you will wonder why you worried.

About me:

Name:  Clare, without an I although most people get it wrong so I really don’t care

Blog: Emmys Mummy

Twitter: @emmys_mummy

Height: 5ft 2, I was 5ft 2 and a half but I appear to be shrinking

Hair:  Red (currently until I get bored)

Eyes: Hazel, with huge bags under and very tired looking

Is this your first blogging conference?: No, I attended Cybher this month

Are you attending both days: Yes although I will be flying out the door on the Saturday to get home to my babies

What are you looking forward to at Britmums Live 2013?:  Meeting fellow bloggers I’ve been talking to for years yet never actually met

What are you wearing?:  Clothes of some sort although what I’m yet to decide as nothing fits me and I’m having a panic about that.
I am currently fashioning a bag out of my sponsors T-Shirts (as they didn’t fit) so don’t laugh at my sewing efforts – it’s all home sewn!  and I’ll be sporting this new bag from the Bag Hut

I’ll probably have blue jeans and flip flops on too (one thing I learnt from Cybher was don’t bother with heels as it hurts by the end of the day)

What do you hope to gain from Britmums Live 2013?:  I’ve a lot to learn, I’ve bookmarked a few sessions I would like to attend and hope to improve and gain from what I’ve picked up already.  I’m also hoping to meet up with a few new Brands

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows?:  I can wiggle my ears

If you see me do come over and say Hi and I apologise in advance if I can’t remember who you are or don’t recognise you – I’m blaming baby brain and lack of sleep.

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