Brrrrr it’s cold – Heat Holders #Giveaway to warm you up

That’s it!

The weather man doesn’t need to tell me it’s freezing – I am shivering so badly that I’ve cranked the heating on all day – for the first time this year.

I’m sure you’re cold too, am I right?

If so Heat Holders are coming to your rescue with this fantastic giveaway.

I’ve 3 prizes to give away to three lucky winners!

First prize is:

A lovely warming set – consisting of a Heat Holders Hat & Gloves in your choice of colour! Now as I’m nice and I don’t know who will win – you have the choice of a men’s set of a women’s set, and you can choose the gloves size!  The gloves have a tog rating of 2.3 and the hat will keep you toasty with a tog rating of 3.4.

This prize is has a RRP of £20

Second prize is:

2 pairs of Heat holder original socks in Men or Women’s (you choose) This prize has a RRP of £20!

Third prize is:

Our final prize is for these Heat Holder thermal legging.  With a tog rating of 0.52  these with help warm you through if you need to venture outside, of keep you cosy inside.  These have a RRP £12 and you can choose your size – small, medium, large or x-large.

For your chance to win any of the above prizes please fill in the rafflecopter form below.

This giveaway will end on 7th December 2013.  Good luck

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157 thoughts on “Brrrrr it’s cold – Heat Holders #Giveaway to warm you up

  1. Lots of thinner layers to trap the warm air, clothes on the radiator ready for when the heating comes on, ad cuddles with my beautiful dog Tia who acts like my living hot water bottle and works wonders to help warm me up!

  2. The kids have their onesies and fluffy socks, Me and hubby are just layering up, leggings under jeans and about 3 tops on under a jumper (hopefully the boiler will be fixed soon)

  3. I suffer with Raynauds so I really struggle to keep warm – particularly my hands and feet – and I've tried everything from thermal gloves, hand warmers, 2 pairs of gloves, rabbit fur lined gloves – the list goes on and on lol – I'm thinking hibernation might be the answer 😉

  4. I'm wearing heat holder thermal tights and socks, theral top, gloves and a coat….. and frequently hold a nice hot cuppa coffee to help warm me up 😉

  5. I have raynauds phenomenon. Its very hard to keep my feet/hands warm. However, we run the woodstove on top of regular heating system, lots of wool socks & blankies and I have a rechargeable hand warmer

  6. I'm wrapped up today ready for a walk later, I've got thermal undies on, so attractive! I've got my heat holders socks to keep my feet cosy but always on the look out for more pairs! I didn't know they did hats and gloves! Wow fab!

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