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Emmy was recently sent some books to review which I have to say are the cutest books we own so far.  The set are called “BugBears” and are written and illustrated by Geri Livingston.

There are 4 books called:

  • BugBears Happy little homes
  • BugBears First paw prints
  • BugBears get their wings
  • BugBears Learn to fly

The books are about 4 friends who have adventure and fun together.  They are very well written and aimed at younger children and the pictures are amazing.  Emmy was drawn into the stories as the illustrations are so good and she just had to find out what was happening next.

The books themselves are slightly long which I found out the hard way when I read one as a bedtime story – they did hold Emmy’s attention however she is used to having two stories at bedtime and there was no way I could read two of these for bedtime. 

There are many colourful characters to meet in the book including Darwin the wise old Snail and Nelly NannyBug who help to look after the 4 main characters:

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Dotty the Ladybird Polar Bear
“She is mad about crosswords and is always dottying and crossing ideas.
Whenever you hear her say Dottycool! – You know she has had another brainwave.”

Buzz the ginger bee bear, bugbears, bumblebee bear, www.emmysmummy.com

Buzz the Ginger Bee Bear

“The Ginger Bee Bear is always buzzing around thinking of fun things to do.
 You can tell he is having fun when he yells Buzztastic!

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Lulu the Brown Butterfly Bear
“The Brown Butterfly Bear is a luvlilulu cutie pie! Sometimes when you catch her singing the tinkly pinkly song, you know she is thinking about rare plants and flowers.”

Ozzy, black dragonfly bear, bugbears, skateboarding bear, www.emmysmummy.com

Ozzy the Black Dragonfly Bear

“The Black Dragonfly Bear is the mischievous adventurer who loves to explore.
Everyone knows that when you hear Zizzoom! that Ozzy is just around the corner, raring to go”

Priced at £5.99 per book these are great books to add to your collection especially if you have a little girl.

You meet the characters, play games and print off some colouring to enjoy from the website www.bugbears.com

Disclosure: We were sent these books for review however all opinions are my own and Emmy’s unbiased ones.

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