Buggy Guard – Review

Recently we were given a Buggy Guard to try out while at the Baby & Toddler show at Bluewater.  There were a few options to choose from so we let Emmy decide.  She opted for the Monkey design.  The other options were: Panda, Hippo, Piggy & Frog.

What is a Buggy Guard?
Buggy Guard is a fun retractable stroller lock which can be attached to any buggy or stroller with the Velcro strap making it easy to access and to have to hand when needed.  It works with a 3 combination dial which you set to numbers which are personal and relevant to you.

To use this type of lock you press the button on the right hand side of the monkey to pull the cord out, wrap around the buggy and either secure to the railings, around the folded buggy itself, a lamp post or whatever is close at hand and firmly attached.  You then click the end of the cable into the top and secure by spinning the combination dials.  Once no longer displaying your code it is locked.

The cord is made from an aircraft stainless steel cable of 2.4mm which is Vinyl coated to prevent scratching.  The cord itself is 4ft long so can be used around any object.

Each design comes with 3 different colour bow-ties to further help to customise the lock.

Why lock up a buggy?


Did you know that there has been a 23% rise in the number of buggy thefts in the past 3 years?  According to an article printed in the guardian in January of this year.

It’s actually not surprising when you think about it, many buggy’s cost more than your average bike these days, yet when leaving a bike unattended we lock it up with a bike lock, yet when in the soft play areas, theatres or cinemas many of us will happily leave our very expensive buggies unattended and unlocked.  Why?

This is probably because we do not realise that this type of theft is on the increase, we take our changing bags with us or our handbags yet leave the buggies.

The most targeted brands to be stolen are Maclaren, Graco, Silver Cross, Chicco and Bugaboo.  With an average buggy costing around £427 while a top of the range one can cost well over £1000.

I know how lost I would be if I discovered one of my buggies had been stolen, as well as the cost alone it would be the hassle of then heading home having to carry Harry as well as my bags and anything else I had with me that day.

Not that I do leave mine unattended often however when I take Emmy into Pre-school there is no room for a buggy so I now lock it to the fence outside the front door.  Easy to do and very quick this item offers peace of mind.

I know if someone was determined enough they would probably get this lock off with bolt cutters or perhaps by taking a hammer to the plastic body but it does act as a deterrent in the first place.

I find this lock very handy for when Emmy wants to ride her bike to Pre-school as I now use our Buggy Guard to lock it up outside the school to save me having to carry it home again.

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For more information please visit the website: www.buggyguard.com

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