Bunchems Review

Bunchems review

Having seen a few adverts for Bunchems, Emmy was rather excited when we recently got our hands on a couple of packs to try out at home.

If you’ve not yet heard of Bunchems, they are a new craft material made from a circle of Velcro type material.  You interlock them, of bunch them together to create shapes, designs, animals etc.

Within the box you receive different coloured Bunchems, an instructional booklet and features to add to your creations, such as feet, eyes, mouths and arms etc.

There are a variety of sets available, were received the Mega Pack and the Glow in the Dark Dinosaur pack.

Of course, Harry claimed the Dinosaurs and really enjoyed passing me the colours to help with his creations, he wasn’t able to follow the instructions but could match the colours and count out how many of each he needed for each Dinosaur.

He could however made a long string of Bunchems, as you can see in the picture above. This made him happy.

Following the instructions was rather tricky for Harry and for myself, at times they weren’t very clear at all so it was a case of looking at the pictures and making parts up as we went along – as you can see, our finished Dinosaur isn’t quite the same as that on the box but Harry was happy enough with it.

Emmy took the Mega box which had a lot more pieces inside than Harry’s set. She set straight to trying to make the Tiger from the instructions and in less than 10 minutes she had a rather perfect Tiger with no help needed from me.

Bunchems reviewOnce you have made a creation the weight of the Bunchems means they can be difficult to stand up, even when you have followed the directions correctly, we ended up having to change the legs of most creations we made as the weight kept making them fall over which annoyed Emmy greatly.

Each Bunchem ball has a small hole on one side, it is here you insert the body part or accessory piece.

The only limit with these sets is your imagination, create wacky and crazy designs, patterns or even pictures.

These are a perfect craft material for those who don’t like mess as you won’t need any glue to hold your creations together.

PLEASE NOTE: These are a craft material and should be used as designed, they are not to be placed in your hair as they are Velcro and will get stuck. Should they accidently become stuck in hair use conditioner around the area and slide out gently – pulling and tugging may result in them becoming tangled even more.

Disclaimer: We received these in exchange for an honest review, as always all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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