BundleBean Review

A while back I met with the lovely Emily inventor of BundleBean, we got chatting and have been in contact ever since.  My Emmy loved Emily as not only do they share a name but they both share a love of stickers and by the time the adults had finished chatting Emmy had covered herself in Emily’s stickers and was over-joyed at being given a pile to take away – the way to my daughter’s heart is through stickers unlike Mummies as that would be chocolate.

What is BundleBean?  It is a 5 in 1 waterproof fleece blanket which eliminates the need to carry around loads of extras!

It can be:

  • A buggy snuggle
  • A picnic blanket/playmat
  • A car-seat cosy/blanket
  • A blanket for use with a child’s bike seat while Mum/Dad is riding
  • A snuggle blanket for use with baby carriers

BundleBean comes in 3 colour choices, Pink, Blue or Black.  When asked which I would like to review I was so tempted to say Pink as I knew Emmy would love it however at the time I didn’t know which colour bump I had so chose the Black, which turned out to be a good thing as I’m having a Boy.

(Photo’s courtesy of BundleBean)
As you can see from the above picture’s one side of the BundleBean has a waterproof coating while the other side is fleece lined to keep your child snugly and very warm.  The Pink option is fleece lined with yellow colour with colourful Pink spots, the Blue one lined with a Blue fleece with different colour Blue spots and the Black is lined with a plain Black fleece.  I would love to see the Black option with White spots on a Black fleece added at a later date so it isn’t quite so plain looking.
We tried ours out on a cold wet/windy summers day, well actually a few wet/cold/windy summers day’s as this is England after all and I am very impressed!  It fits onto our smallest Buggy the Quinny Yezz brilliantly and also onto the new buggy which is ready for Baby.
One size seems to fit all different shapes of buggies due the the unique fitting of this blanket –
  • The Velcro tabs at the bottom of this blanket can be fastened behind the child’s legs to keep them cosy and the blanket in place
  • 2 elastic and Velcro (at the top) tabs form loops – to go around the buggies frame or to fix onto each other to secure the blanket snugly around the child
  • The zips are adjustable – there are zips either side of the blanket which when pulled secures the bottom of the blanket snugly around the child’s legs

(Left – BundleBean on our Quinny Yezz, zips fully undone,
Right zips partly done up, Emmy proving you can still comfortably eat while in the BundleBean)

(Left – Zips fully done up, Right – BundleBean unfolded at the top for extra warmth while Emmy slept with her make shift pillow the adults picnic rug)
Costing a reasonable £29.99 this will get lots of use from it as one size does fit all and once Emmy has finished it will be used with her Brother.  I wish I had known of these sooner as when Emmy was small we were always loosing her blankets off the buggy and running them over.  When not in use this blanket rolls up small and using the elastic tabs can be secured onto itself and kept under the buggy ready the next time.

For further information please visit the website http://www.bundlebean.com/ or you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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