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Recently I was given Groupon Vouchers which I was allowed to browse the site and choose something to buy, this could be anything. I never allow money to treat myself and when I plan to I end up treating the kids so I thought this time I would choose something for me.

I waited until I found something I would like then brought my item using my voucher code.

For those who haven’t come across Groupon before it is an online daily discount site offering savings on a range of items from days out, meals, clothing and gifts.   The deals generally last a few days/week and off great savings for those who buy the deal. 

When signing up to the site you type in your location so that you are emailed deals which are local to you as well as the other deals running at the time, so I am emailed spa offers, meal deals and hair dressing deals which are local to Essex.  Once you have brought a deal you are emailed a voucher code or details of your delivery and items are posted/vouchers issued once the deal has ended.

I chose to use my voucher on a Busbi 7 Tablet offer – this is a 7″ Android 4.0 Tablet (I’ve been wanting an iPad or Tablet for ages but finances just don’t allow for this so thought this may be used as a stop gap until I have saved up enough for a better device) and for £59 I thought it was worth a buy.

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This came without a case so Paul brought one on Amazon as we knew Emmy would want to play with it.

It was very easy to set up with the everyday essentials such as Facebook, Twitter and my email accounts – mainly all I would be using this for.  It connected easily to our wifi and was easy to use from the off.

The picture quality is good but not the best, it comes with a front facing camera however I wouldn’t use this as its quality is rather poor and also an in-built microphone.

It comes with 4GB of storage and says the battery life is around 5 hours however I’ve not managed more than around 3 hours before it dies. 

It won’t work with Love film and Sky Go which is rather annoying to say the least however it does work with BBC IPlayer and we have Skyped Nanny successfully which is good for Emmy.

It is easy to add apps via Google Play and seems to now been hijacked by Emmy who has a whole screen full of her own games such as drawing, Peppa Pig, puzzles and her favourites at the moment are The Snowman and the Snowdog and Bugs and Bunnies.

I find browsing the Internet via this too slow and is has a tendency to crash often.  I would say it is great as a kids machine or as a very basic starter.  I have now handed this over to Emmy and we use it together to play games on saving my new phone (Galaxy Note 2) from little fingers and mishaps.

At the price I am very happy with it however so much for something brought for me – next time I’m browsing Groupon and treating myself to a massage or haircut.

Disclosure:  I received vouchers in order to complete this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. A great little tablet for the price. If you dont want to break the bank but want a nice looking/performing tablet then this is the one to buy.

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