Why Buying the Right Furniture Matters More When you Have Kids

When you first get your own home, expensive furniture can seem like a dream, especially whilst you’re busy putting together a home made up of bits and bobs donated from generous family members. After a few years, you’ll start buying your fantasy furniture pieces and making the picture-perfect home you’ve always dreamed off and then… your kids will come along and you’ll have to rethink it all.

We make this mistake when decorating and furnishing our house, we put down real oak flooring which is now ruined thanks to the kids and the dog, and also purchased an extortionately expensive stone coffee table which was then covered with rubber floor mats for 5 years to say the children from injury and is now always covered in sticky marks and food residue.

The best advice to follow when buying furniture when you have kids, would be to say goodbye to the statement pieces and look for furniture which is safe, durable and easy to clean! Here are some top tips to follow when looking for some child friendly furniture for your home:

It Needs to Last

If there’s one thing that your furniture needs to be once you’ve had children, then it’s definitely hard wearing. Kids don’t care whether your bookcase cost the earth or not, they’ll scratch it, try and climb on it and probably spill their beakers of juice down the front of it at some point or another. Strong pieces that are built to last are great investments and should last until your children are old enough to not accidentally ruin anything. Take a look at the selection that’s available at Skandium, where you’ll find great designs, that are built to withstand the test of time.

Being Easy Clean is Vital

Although you still want your home to be stylish, ensuring that your furniture the kids are going to use is easy to clean is vital. Unwanted spillages are a given and having fabrics which easily stain or wood which will get marked is a no go when you have kids. Look for materials which are easy to wipe down, and can be vacuumed and cleaned should they need to be, this will ensure your furniture stays in better condition for longer.  Reupholstering is an option for some, take a look over at South West Upholstery for some inspiration.

Can it Be Kid Friendly and Fashionable?

One of the best trends of the moment to get on the back of if you have kids is distressed wood. Shabby chic is all the range and when it comes to kitchen tables and worktops, what could be more kid friendly? If you’re worried about the table top always use a table cloth when sitting down for meals and teach children from a young age to always use a coaster to prevent any unnecessary marks and scuffs.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to kid proof your furniture and still maintain a stylish looking home.

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