By George it’s back to School

Today is our last day of the Summer holidays. 
Tomorrow will be filled with mixed emotions as Emmy starts a new School and heads into Nursery for the first time.
Already she is saying “I don’t want to go” and I do except tears and a few tantrums.  Of course they won’t last very long and will stop as soon as she is inside.
With a new School comes and exciting new experience for Emmy – School uniform!
She has been wanting to wear bits of it all Summer so hopefully it will be easy to get her dressed tomorrow.
Here she is modelling her new uniform from George at Asda.
School uniform by Asda, George, review

Doesn’t she look cute?
The uniform is great value and looks fantastic too.
2 tops for £2.50, a skirt for £5 and a dress for £5 and shoes for £10.
The t-shirts are a good quality and I love how cute well made the skirt and the dress is adorable – _’m loving the added bows as they made what could be a very boring uniform cute and stylish.
Sadly I’m not very impressed with the School shoes.   They arrived yesterday and Emmy wanted to wear them straight away, always a  good idea so we can make sure they don’t rub.  She only wore them outside in the garden for half an hour and this is the sight that greeted me when I went to label them up this morning.

Asda School Shoes, George, poor quality school shoes, review


Disclosure:  We were sent this uniform for review purposes,  all thoughts and opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “By George it’s back to School

  1. school shoes are a nightmare, as much as i hate to pay out lots, i cant recommend clarks enough because they do last, my eldest has still got shoes from over a year ago that are only just showing signs of wear x

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