Sharing is caring BUT can children keep a secret?

We all know the saying ‘Sharing is Caring’ and it’s true of most things in life, by sharing with others you help to spread the joy and happiness around whether that be by sharing a joke and making others laugh, sharing food/treats or even sharing your time with friends.  These little gestures go a long way and while you probably don’t think you are doing much those little gestures help to make another’s day a little happier and enjoyable.
Watching the joy spread can instantly lift your own mood too and children are amazing at doing just this.
A little while ago Isobar Budapest helped to create a little video experiment for the Hungarian Telekom, in this set in a Kindergarten classroom.  A few of the children are taken into another room and shown a big surprise for them and their classmates and told to keep a secret.
But can they actually do that? 
Have a look for yourselves, this is just the cutest video – I adore the look of the children’s faces and the look of surprise when they are presented with the biggest cake they have ever seen.

Wasn’t that cute?

I have to say I really wasn’t at all surprised that none of them could keep that secret.

When I think back to when Emmy was the same age she was unable to hold any secret at all – we would write Paul a birthday card or wrap up a present and the minute he walked in the door she would tell him what it was and where it was hidden too.  She would make a Mother’s Day card at school and tell me the minute she walked out of the classroom.

I think that for children of this age it’s almost impossible to keep secrets, it is a learned practice which comes along with age and maturity.

Do you think your child would have been able to keep the cake a secret from their peers? I’ll be honest here – I may have even struggled to keep that one quiet – it looks amazing.

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