Can you really update your home without splashing the cash?

We all want a beautiful home that we can be proud of. This is especially true for those who live to entertain and welcome guests into their home. Home interior trends change each year and it can be quite expensive to keep renovating just to follow the trends. However, updating your home does not always mean spending loads and loads of cash. Here are some of the ways on how you can update your home without splashing the cash.

Create a budget

The first thing that you have to do is to create a budget. If you have a budget that you have to stick to, you won’t be spending more than you want. Check your home first and check the things that you want to change. Do you need new furniture? Do you just need decorations? When you have answered these questions, you can already set an amount that you are willing to spend in order to make your home more trendy.

Go to Charity Shops

You don’t always have to go to big furniture stores in order to find pieces that will fit right into your home. Sometimes, the best pieces are found in thrift stores and garage sales. You just have to be patient and you have to know where to look. Check your neighbourhood for garage sales or look online for some thrift shops where you can find fantastic pieces that you can purchase for cheap.



Upcycling items in your home

There is always that one piece of furniture in your home that you no longer want or need. It may be an eyesore now, but if you learn how to upcycle, you can use that same furniture for something else completely different. For instance, leg of a chair or table can be reused as candlestick holders. Upcycling is a cheap way to update your home. All you need are a few materials and you are all set!

There are times when you are really low on cash and you don’t have the capacity to purchase new items for your home. What you can do is to paint some of your items in a different colour. You can choose the colour of the year or something else totally different. Even if it is the same item, it will look something completely different because of the change in colour. Change the colour of your doors, window shades, lamps, and other items that you can find. A can of paint and a paintbrush is all that it takes!

I love an upcycling project to help save money and they really are so easy to do. To match in with Harry’s pirate themed bedroom I upcycled an old drawer set with pirate wrapping paper and paint – you can see how to upcycle a unit in a pirate theme here.

Of course, since then I have moved Harry into the bigger room which was the spare room and we’ve changed the theme of his bedroom to Batman and Cars – a lick of paint and imagination was all it took to create his awesome wall mural and the above set of drawers received another coat of paint (after removing the wall paper from it) and now matches his bedroom as the drawers are now red, blue and yellow. Full instruction on painting this Batman mural can be found here.




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