Candy Floss Fairy Set

I have a very girlie girl, already at 19 months old Emmy loves to dress up – she wears sun hats in the house (never outside though), a feather boa, my shoes and already has a jewellery box full of beads and bangles for dress-up.

So I thought it was about time to get her a proper dressing-up outfit, while browsing I came across a gorgeous website Fairies & Friends who have the most adorable dress-up outfits, they very kindly sent Emmy a Candy Floss Fairy Set.

On arrival it was packaged in a plain brown box, hiding the fairy magic from prying eyes and once it was opened it had been lovingly wrapped in very girlie pink tissue paper, making it extra special and exciting for Emmy.  Like a special ‘extra’ present especially for her.  She got very excited when she saw what was inside the tissue paper.

The beautiful set includes a lovely shirt, wings and a wand – and Emmy has pretty much lived in this outfit since recieving it, wearing it to Grandparents houses, the park and even the supermarket! The comment we get while out are lovely, everyone has fallen in love with this dress-up set as we have. 

Emmy loves this so much and as you can see makes a very pretty fairy (OK- as her Mummy I do have to say that however it is true!)

She only looks cross in the sitting down picture as it was bed-time and I told her she couldn’t be a fairy to bed! I did have to let her go to bed with the wand – whoops.

This lovely outfit is priced at £16.99 and has a full ruffled pink skirt with silver ribbon to the edges and glitter and sequins on the lovely wings. 
You can see all the other beautiful dress-up outfits and fairy themed gifts over on the website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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