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Travel Supermarket are holding a blogging competition, to enter I need to find pictures I own depicting the colours Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White (or I can chose just 1 colour), tag 5 other bloggers and add my images including a brief description or story about them.  I was kindly tagged by Angie of CakesPhotosLife to enter this competition so are my chosen pictures.


This is me in 2007 in Egypt on my Honeymoon – the locals liked to dress me up in the traditional dress (in the hopes I would buy it).  This picture brings memories of our amazing holiday flooding back.  Egypt is an amazing place to go – however we soon learn after 2 days do not let anyone know it’s your honeymoon!

This may not be the Bluest of pictures but it was taken on a cloudy sunny day in the Blue Mountains in Australia.  We holidayed in Oz for 3 weeks in 2003 and loved every minute of it – we do plan on taking the kids back in a few years time.  We visited Sydney and Brisbane and a few places in between.

This is another picture from our Honeymoon in Egypt.  Taken in the 2nd week during the most amazing day out in the Desert.  We spent the day Camel riding, trekking and then joined the Bedwin for a feast prepared for by themselves and had a lovely evening dancing under the stars.

This is a picture taken on holiday last year at Coombe Mill in Cornwall.  We stayed on a working farm, where every morning you met the tractor and Farmer to go on a tractor ride to the farm to feed the animals.  Emmy loved it so much – this is the deer up close and personal on the farm grounds.


I had to include a picture of my wedding dress for this one, it cost a small fortune and needs showing off!  Actually if I could get away with wearing it again I would and do actually have a friend who have an anniversary party a few years back just so she could wear hers again – I may need to steal that idea (and lose weight!)

I am now tagging the following so they can enter and join in too:
Jayne from Mum’s the Word
Fiona from Coombe Mill

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