Cardboard Box Pirate Ship

Who doesn’t like to play in a box?

It’s a favourite here and with Christmas only net week I’m sure we will have plenty.

We have turned them into houses, cars, forts and many other things before and when our new play kitchen arrived last week we decided that the box would be perfect to play in.

This weekends theme of play has been Pirates – we have had lots of walking the plank and falling in pretend water, Daddy has been tied up too many times to mention as a naughty pirate and even Harry has had fun playing too.

It went without saying that the box should become a pirate ship!

The fantastic thing about children’s imagination is that whatever you make doesn’t have to be perfect, they are happy to let their imaginations do the rest.

Cutting a canoe shaped hole out of the biggest side of the box and taping the sides up gave the kids a huge playing area.  The shape I cut out of the top was then folded in half to make the boat shape on the front.

Now I could have spent time painting it and decorating with cute designs but it’s a cardboard box at the end of the day and by the time my two had finished playing it would have been in pieces so I didn’t bother.

They were very happy with a large plastic plate for a steering wheel (they haven’t grasped the concept of oars for boats yet) and a few cushions and they spent nearly all of yesterday afternoon inside their Pirate ship fighting off baddies and sailing the seven seas.

Cardboard Box Pirate Ship

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