Cars 2 – interview with Owen Wilson & Emily Mortimer

Cars 2 premieres on Disney Cinematic at 4pm on 25th March.  We were lucky enough to recieve a copy of the DVD recently and Emmy and Daddy have been enjoying it greatly – it’s slightly hard to work out which enjoyed it more but they both sat still throughout!

We are pleased to be able to feature an interview with Owen Wilson who is the Voice of the star of the show Lightening McQueen and also an interview with Emily Mortimer who is the voice of Holley Shiftwell.

Owen Wilson (Cars, Meet the Parents, Zoolander, Night at the Museum, Marley and Me, Hall
How excited were you to voice Lightening McQueen again in “Cars 2”?
I was very excited to return to Lightening McQueen and the world of “Cars” because it felt like I was working on a completely different movie. “Cars 2” is a fun international adventure that takes place in the exciting world of espionage and intrigue. It’s very different from the first movie and it’s great to see these charachters tackling a whole new world outside of Radiator Spring.
How much fun is it to work in animation?
It’s great fun because you get to use your own imagination, just like a little kid does.  On a live-action movie, you have to go through wardrobe, hair and make-up and then you walk onto set.  Animation is very pure.  You go into a recording studio and the scene is explained to you, there are no probs and no actors to work alongside.  It’s great fun to start seeing everything in your head.
How did you land the role of Lightening McQueen?
I met John Lasseter at the Academy Awards years and years ago.  I didn’t knowhim, but he told me that he and his sons enjoyed my movie “Shanghai Noon” and he explained he was working on a film about cars.  I didn’t know anything would come to pass from that conversation, but then Pixar got in touch and it all spiraled from there.  I was really excited to work on an animated movie, so I jumped on board.
What kind of a driver are you?
I think I’m a careful driver.  I don’t get speeding tickets and I don’t race around.  I usually drive a car that beeps when you put it in reverse, so I hguess it’s very pedestrian friendly.
Are you a racecar enthusiast?
I really enjoy watching car races, and it’s interesting that “Cars 2” features a variety of race contests.  I think there’s more of an interest in ovl track racing here in the United States, like stock car and Indy racing.  Overseas, they seem more interested in the Grand Prix, which consists of circuit racing and road racing.. I think it’s great that we’ve combined both styles of car racing for the World Grand Prix in the movie.
Do you think the interest in the car culture is as big in the other countries as it is in the USA?
I think the world’s love of cars is pretty universal.  I recently watched a sports biography on the racing driver Mario Andretti.  He gre up in Italy and both he and his brother were obsessed with cars from the time they were kids.  I think that people all over the world are into cars.
In the original “Cars” movie, you got to work with Paul Newman.  How was that experience?
I got to work with Paul Newman for one day during the making of the first “Cars” movie and I’ll never forget it.  We went to New York together to record the film and it was great fun.  He was so knowledgeable about racing that he wasn’t afraid to raise points and question things in the story.  Infact, John Lasseter took to heart a lot of what he was saying.  He went back and reworked the script based on an issue that Paul raised.
Emily Mortimer (Shutter Island, Scream 3, Lars and the Real Girl, Match
How would you describe your “Cars 2” charachter Holley Shiftwell?
Holley Shiftwell is a well-educated, sharp and capable secret agent on her very first mission.  She’s incredibly well equiped, but she wasn’t always this confident.  We soon realised, though, that if she was being sent out into the field on this high-powered spy mission, she wouldn’t be quite so timid.  We toughened her up after that discovery.
What went through your mind when you were offered the role?
From the very start, I knew I wanted to play Holley Shiftwell.  In the beginning, I didn’t think she had a very big role in the movie but I didn’t care.  I was just excited to be offered a part in a Pixar film.  I jumped at the chance to be involved.
When did you first recieve your script?
I got hold of the script the night before my first recording session.  I’d recently had a baby, so didn’t get the chance to look at it until I was in the taxi on the way to the recording studio.  That’s when I ealised it was such  great part.  It was a much bigger role than I expected.
How did you prepare for the first recording session?
 To be honest, I didn’t do much preparation at all.  There wasn’t any time!  Thankfully, they just wanted me to play the character from my own personal point of view.  Obviously, she’s a spy car and there are lots of technicial words to get my mouth around, but I just put my myself in her situation.  I imagined I was going through whatecer she goes through in the story.
Do you get to see any of the animation before your recording sessions?
I wasn’t shown anything, which is why I found myself completely relying on teh director, John Lasseter.  He would guide me through the story and you know you’re in safe hands with him.  I would have freaked out if it had been anyone else, but John was amazing.
Are your driving skills on a par with Holley Shiftwell?
My driving skills are terrible!  Infact, I’m not allowed to drive.  We live in New York and my husband refuses to get a car because the parking is so nighmareish, although that may also be due to my driving skills.  I’m desperate for a car.
What’s your favourite Pixar movie?
One of my favourite movies is “The Incredibles”.  It’s such a fantastic film.  We recently met Brad Bird, the director of  “The Incredibles” and I couldn’t believe he was the voice of the fashion designer Edna Mode in the movie.  It’s one of the most brillaiant comic performances in any movie, ever,  He’s a total hero of mine.

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