Casting memories with Pretty Raine – Review

Tiny hands and feet

That’s the most wonderful sight in the world isn’t it?  Now I wish I could stop time and keep my babies small forever however I can’t. 

I can take pictures and there are lots of them but they don’t capture all the tiny creases of my babies feet or their fingerprints and children grow up far too fast.  Do you remember the review I wrote of the inkless print kits? You can read my review here.

Those inkless kits were from Pretty Raine who have now kindly sent me a casting kit so I can make a permanent reminder of these tiny feet and hands, a cast I can look at and hold and remember just how small they once were when they are all grown up.

This kit contains enough mix to create up to 6 baby hand/feet casts (just as well because I ruined 2 of them as it’s not the easiest thing to do however once done it looks amazing).

The kit contains:

  • 454g colour changing impression powder
  • 800g High grade casting powder
  • 6 strong clear casting bags
  • Gold/Silver paint and a paint brush
  • Stirrers and tools
  • Full colour instructions and hints

To make a hand or foot cast you follow the instructions to the letter, measuring out the colour changing impression powder and mixing with water, the hand or foot is then immediately placed in the mixture until it firms around the hand or foot.  The mixture turns pink when it sets and it is easy to manipulate the hand/foot out of the mould when it has set. (I tried making the casts in the bags proved however this didn’t work well for me so I used a glass bowl and tupperware which were easiest for me)

You then mix the casting powder with water to make a plaster and pour into the set moulds and leave to harden over night.  The pink rubber mould can then be peeled away and thrown away to reveal a cast of the hand or foot.

I left this to dry out completely before setting to work fixing the imperfections, it needed filing down to remove the rough edges and I used the pick tool to pick out the little bits of mould which had remained and the plaster which had caught inbetween fingers and toes.

Once painted these look amazing! and I love the finished products. (Emmy even helped to paint these with me).

I found it really hard to do alone and would recommend waiting until you have an extra pair of hands – one to mix up the powder and another to place the foot/hand into the mixture.

I would also recommend waiting until your baby is maybe asleep – I found it easiest to place Harry in his Jumperoo to do his feet as they dangled into the mixture with ease.  The mixture can be cold so startles the child which can cause a struggle, this happened to me so the extra hands were needed and welcomed.

Priced at £16.99 this is great value to capture those precious memories forever.

I had mine framed so when I get chance they can go upon the wall for a very special keepsake.

You can find these kits and the inkless kits on the website  You can also find them on Facebook

Disclosure: I was sent this item free of charge however thoughts and views are my own and unbiased.

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