Catching up with good friends at Kiddicare Enfield

Driving around a few months back it was impossible not to see this (above pic) in my local area, the telltale sign that something exciting was coming to Enfield.

Never one to be behind on exciting new developments I emailed the lovely Jennie, a friend and lovely PR for Kiddicare to ask exactly when I would get the chance to have a nosey around and more importantly get to know somewhere I know I will be spending a lot of time!

Emmy and I have a love of Kiddicare, it’s hard not too when you have kids as you spend more time than ever in baby stores browsing, spending money and often getting frustrated – well not in Kiddicare as it is geared up towards kids shopping with you.  The toys are not only accessible but are displayed and out to play with, in the try before you buy play areas and the handily located play area in the cafe.

We went to a bloggers day when the Lakeside store opened so were eager to see how this store differed from that one.

You can find most of what you can at Lakeside in the Enfield store, it is smaller however for me that’s not a bad thing as I’m a rather indecisive person so given more choice than I need will result in me standing in the toy aisle or car seat sections for ages trying to decide between a few of very similar items. 

Everything you need is in one building from nappies to clothes, car seats, cots, beds, bedding and toys.  As with Lakeside there is an event room which has a full programme of events on throughout the week, the VIB (very important baby planning service), digital price displays on all items (this impressed Paul greatly when he first saw them at Lakeside).

You will also find the fantastic parent and child cubicles in the toilets which are also big enough to accommodate a buggy and the well thought out baby changing rooms.

Kiddicare Enfield, kiddicare, bloggers event

Pictures: Left to Right – height chart with animal heights (Emmy is as tall as a red deer), Buggy race track, Bloggers in the event room – Confessions of a SAHM, The Hart of the Munchkin Patch, Attachment Mummy – and the baby feeding area.

For me personally I preferred this smaller store as when shopping with Emmy she bypasses the boring bits and heads to the play area anyway however as the store was smaller I was still able to browse a few aisles and leave her to play as she was still in my eye-line and we were both loving that it was a selection of play houses and slides in the play area – Emmy is desperate for a play house so we will need to start searching soon I think.  I do prefer the play area in the Lakeside store though especially when meeting up with friends as it is larger so the kids can play for longer and us mums can catch up and chat for a little longer.

What I did miss from the Lakeside store was the Starbucks in the Cafe – I do like a nice Latte, however what Enfield do have instead are the most adorable tea and coffee sets, now I’m still undecided as to which I would prefer a Starbucks or cute tea sets?  Which would you prefer?

As the Enfield store is so close to me I plan on taking Harry to some of the upcoming events while Emmy is at school.

We had a great day today catching up with friends, meeting new ones and watching our children have a great day.  Thanks again Kiddicare.

2 thoughts on “Catching up with good friends at Kiddicare Enfield

  1. hello
    I also live in enfield ive got two under two babies and a lack of friends.going slightly crazy lol Its lonely sometimes so if u can recommend some groups or local places where i could make mummy friends please let me know!

    Thankyou i know this is a longshot!

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