The Beautiful Unknowns of Fuerteventura

You’re probably already quite familiar with the holiday destination of Fuerteventura. The second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, all year-round sun and windy water sports, making it a hugely popular destination for families and thrill-seekers alike. Sounds pretty good, right? You might already be thinking about booking,Read more

Astonishing places that you cannot miss on your Budapest tours

Located in Hungary, Europe, Budapest is a hot trending tourist attraction. It brings in a large part of its economical revenue from the tourism industry. The capital of Hungary, Budapest is the most populated city of the country situated at the heart of Europe; Budapest came to be formed in the late 9th century. TheRead more

Beyond the packing: Getting holiday ready

**Collaborative post** The holiday season is fast approaching us and we are all busily preparing for going away, whether that be a holiday abroad or a staycation. The suitcases are coming down from the loft, summer clothes are making there way back into our wardrobes from storage over the winter months and we are eyeingRead more

Best children’s activities for getting through sick days

Children's first aid kit and teddy

Taking care of a sick child can be all around difficult. Staying inside the house is one thing, but staying inside the house with a sick child is a whole other story. While it can be challenging as you focus on taking care of your child and your child might react in unexpected ways toRead more

The Secret to Less Stress: Having a Pet Around

Want to de-stress? Get a pet! Being a pet owner comes with many benefits! It’s not just dragging you out for walks that counts. Your four-legged friend contributes to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Think of them as superhero’s in a fur coat! 8 Ways that Pets Can Help Reduce Stress Levels Studies haveRead more

Taking more short breaks within the UK as a family

**This is a collaborative post** If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know that this year we have finally taken the plunge and have booked a rather exciting holiday abroad in October. It will be the first time the children have ever been abroad, and both myself and Paul absolutely cannot wait toRead more

5 Healthy Finger Food Ideas Your Kid Will Love

When your little ones want to feed themselves, it’s the perfect time to introduce them to fresh and healthy finger foods that can make mealtimes more fun. Whether it be fruits and vegetables, meats, beans or whole grains, there are plenty of healthy finger foods that can satisfy your kids’ taste buds. Fruit Finger FoodsRead more

Sleeping Compatibility: Top 4 Tips for Sleeping Soundly With Your Partner

A lot of big changes happen when you move in with someone. Suddenly you’re sharing all of your stuff, figuring out how to split chores, and you’re seeing that person way more than you used to. But one of the biggest changes that come with moving in with a partner is having to share yourRead more