8 Kitchen Decor Mistakes First Time Homeowners Make

A kitchen is the most functional part of your home. Often it is called the heart of the home. It is one place meals are planned, prepared, served and savoured. If you are planning your first ever home, never undervalue the role of the kitchen. An improperly designed kitchen will not look inviting or user-friendly.Read more

How to talk to children about death

Life and death are the two certainties in this world and while we happily talk to our children about birth, the topic of where babies come from is one we all dreed one day but it is something which needs discussing, as is death because sweeping it under the carpet does no-one any good andRead more

Why Your Family Needs You to Make Healthier Choices

We have just finished watching a health documentary on Netflix, and it made me realise that I need to make a change. My guess is that I’m not alone. You see, I’ve strayed from a few too many good habits, and now it’s time to get back on track. It all starts innocently enough. IRead more

Christmas Gifts to Make Your Friend’s Life Easier

A fear for many of us at Christmas time is that we buy someone a gift, only to have it disregarded and forgotten after Boxing Day. Sometimes you just don’t know what someone will want for Christmas. So this year, why not think about something they need? By going down the practical route of presentRead more

Thoughtful Touches at Christmas Time

Christmas means spending quality time with loved ones, and showing them how much they mean to you. This doesn’t mean giving them huge piles of presents, or extremely lavish gifts. In most cases, it’s the thoughtful gifts that go a lot further than those with the biggest price tag. There are lots of little touchesRead more

Why You Should Shop Online This Christmas

online shopping christmas

If the thought of doing your Christmas shopping fills you with dread then you should definitely consider making the switch to online shopping. Whilst it doesn’t have the fun of seeing all the Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music as you shop or those celebratory cocktails after a hard day – there are lots ofRead more

4 Tips to taking care of your garbage disposal

Garbage disposal units are one of the irreplaceable appliances in the kitchen. They help to improve kitchen hygiene because grinding leftovers down the drain will help to eliminate the lingering odours in the kitchen. With such an important appliance in your kitchen space, you want to ensure that it is always functional and thus shouldRead more

Tips for Talking to Teenagers About Drugs

Talking to your teen about drugs can be difficult but it is incredibly important. Speaking to teens when they are younger can help prevent stress, addiction and succumbing to peer pressure. It is important to realise teens can become addicted to drugs in the most loving and supportive of families. Discussing the issue helps parentsRead more

Benefits Of Blackout Blinds: Why They Will Improve Your Sleep

We all treasure our sleep. It keeps us healthy, helps us concentrate and perform better at work. Without good quality sleep, it’s fair to say we can all get tired and a bit grumpy, add non-sleeping kids into the mix and it’s fair to say I am often over-tired and very grumpy come morning. TheRead more