Scientific essay: How to write a scientific (academic) essay?

The essay is a philosophical, scientific, critical, moralistic sketch, usually written in prose, in which the author freely and at the same time artfully develops the interpretation of a phenomenon or solves the problem, not masking the subjectivity of the adopted point of view. In short, the essay is a short scientific or literary dissertationRead more

Steal Your Kids Away From Social Media Abuse

Teaching children mobile safety

In 2016, the World Economic Forum estimated that by 2018, 2.44 billion people will be using social media. But just halfway through the current year, 3.03 billion people worldwide have already been reported to be on different social networks.That’s nearly half the world’s population, and the number keeps growing every day, and every year. WhatRead more

Protecting our children’s hearing this Bonfire night

Children love Bonfire Night, that goes without saying, and after the first loud burst of fireworks many will be out in full force for the November 5 celebrations – I know my children rush outside as soon as they hear the first bang and search around for where those fireworks are coming from. This yearRead more

Teens and children: Mobile safety and usage at school

Teaching children mobile safety

Although Emmy is only 7 and a half she is desperate for her own mobile phone – that is NOT happening for many many years that’s for sure. This is spurred on by having teenaged cousins who she see’s using theirs ALL the time. Times certainly have changed, I didn’t have a mobile as aRead more

A closer look at the Make Time 2 Play App

Summer holidays are great for spending quality time with your family, however the six-week period is a long time to think of various activities to keep the little ones entertained– particularly when you can’t rely on the British weather! So, if you’re running out of ideas for the rest of the summer break then haveRead more

Top tips for encouraging children to read

Top tips for encouraging children to read

I love nothing more than reading a book to the children in the evenings, with every page turn a new adventure unfolds and we are able to submerge ourselves in a pirate adventure one day, walk around in Giant country with the BFG the next and learn historical facts from our past on another day.Read more