3 months FREE with the Merlin Annual Pass Sale

merlin annual pass sale

**Advertorial feature** Regular readers of this blog will know we are a Merlin attractions loving family, We’ve had our Merlin Annual passes since back in 2016 when we first worked with Merlin as Ambassadors. Since then we have continued to renew our passes as would be lost without them – especially during the summer holidays.Read more

Help the hacker is after me…..and other YouTube rubbish!

YouTube rubbish our kids watch

Screen time, love it or hate it our kids will be begging for more constantly and whether you limit it or not really doesn’t matter they will be wanting more than we would like. Our children have no concept of children’s TV of being on at certain times of the day. Before school and afterRead more

Father’s Day with Fox for Dad’s out of this world

Sometimes there is nothing better than putting your feet up and enjoying a good old movie, of course whenever you are flicking through the channels there is either too much choice or nothing on at all. I always find that when we actually have the time to watch something together that there’s nothing available –Read more

Pirate birthday party with Mystical Fairies

A pirate birthday party from Mystical fairies

As you may have seen Harry turned 5 last month. He’d not had an actual birthday party before except for the one we threw for his 1st birthday as that was also combined with his Christening, this is for a number of reasons including he hasn’t really had his own set of friends before, playingRead more

The Snowman returns to the West End for the 20th year

The Snowman

For me Christmas begins with the movies, the classics which we love and watch year after year and never tire of. I am one of those people who would happily watch Christmas movies all year around, not someone who has their decorations up before December but there is nothing wrong with a movie snuggled upRead more