It’s about time to teach Independence

I’ve been a Mum for just over 8 years now and a Mum to two for 5 and a half years and it’s about high time that some of the things I, as a Mum, do for the children. Yes, it’s my job to make sure all of their needs are met but the kidsRead more

How To Transform Your Old Concrete Garage Into A Usable Living Space

Hands up who has a garage attached to their home which stores every BUT your car? Don’t worry you certainly aren’t alone there – of all my friends with garages I think only 2 actually keep a car in there, others house sofas, old furniture, Christmas decorations, hide the kids birthday and Christmas presents insideRead more

5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Meditation for Self-Improvement

Ask any yoga teacher, and they’ll tell you that the time of class when most students leave early is during savasana. The final resting pose is notoriously the hardest, but why? It turns out that it’s unnatural for many of us to lie in quiet silence, even for a few minutes. It’s difficult to stopRead more

Time to Bank on Promotional Merchandise Marketing Trends that have Worked Wonders for Various Businesses!

New business, or are you an experienced business person? Whatever the case, a good marketing strategy can work wonders! When you throw in a good promotional product, then you have a winning recipe for success. This can be the strategy that everyone is looking for, but most cannot find. Why? Well, because most of themRead more