Entertaining Emmy

Having children is expensive enough, all those nappies, new clothes, toys and the shoes…wow, i thought i had a lot of shoes but i’m sure at this rate Emmy will have far more than me, she is on pair number 8 already this year. (there may have been more but i’ve stopped counting now). AsRead more

Premier Gift Boxes Ltd

Premier Gift Boxes Ltd I was lucky enough to win a FB prize from Premier Gift Boxes Ltd a few weeks ago.  It was one of those competitions where you upload a picture and the one with the most votes win. I enter competitions all the time, i can’t help myself, more often than notRead more

Happy Hopperz

Happy Hopperz – Simple concept, must have item! I have been lucky enough to trial a blue Bull Happy Hopperz with my little girl, and it has been fun for all the family. Happy Hopperz are a modern take on the much loved Space hopper, a large robust inflatable bouncer. This design is much improvedRead more

Sunshine Buggy Hooks – A must have for every buggy

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve popped to the shops for bread and milk only to forget myself and over-fill a basket with essentials – only to then remember that I left the car at home and walked with the buggy. We have all done it! I’m sure you have tried toRead more

SnoozeShade – A fantastic item

I was given a Snoozeshade to review with the help of my then 10 month old girl. First impressions – looked very easy to fit with clear instructions and loved that it comes with its own storage bag. First thoughts – willing to try but doubt it would work as my little girl rarely sleepsRead more

We will not be testing the Senzz

Unfortunately all QuinnyCasters received some sad news yesterday 🙁 Quinny have through unforseen circumstances had to pull Casting for their lovely new Senzz. This is extremely upsetting for all involved however we will infact now be testing a surprise NEW product soon, so keep following and watch this space…. Wonder what it could be???  AnyRead more

QuinnyCaster 2011

“Shhhhhh, be quiet, don’t tell anyone” Task 1 complete! Back in June, Quinny made an announcement on it’s FB page asking for new QuinnyCasters to put the new Senzz through it’s paces, we were looking for a new lightweight buggy at the time so i thought I’d give it a go. We were asked toRead more