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merlin annual pass sale

**Advertorial feature** Regular readers of this blog will know we are a Merlin attractions loving family, We’ve had our Merlin Annual passes since back in 2016 when we first worked with Merlin as Ambassadors. Since then we have continued to renew our passes as would be lost without them – especially during the summer holidays.Read more

Top tips for surviving a December Birthday

You only have one Birthday a year right? Well unless you’re the Queen you do! But what happens if your Birthday falls in December? It’s not exactly your fault, is it? You’re not to blame that for everyone it is the most expensive time of the year, are you? If anyone is to blame it’sRead more

4 Things to Consider Before Planning a Family Holiday

As the weather gets colder, it’s only natural to dream about planning your next family holiday. It can give you something to look forward to and getting in there early often means you can save some money and start to get things planned ahead. When it comes to deciding where exactly you should go andRead more

Fireman Sam becomes a movie star

At some point in our lives, we may have all dreamed of becoming a movie star and it seems that Fireman Sam shares this dream too! When Hollywood comes to Pontypandy in the brand new feature Fireman Sam: Set For Action! Sam sees himself unexpectedly becoming the star of the show. Fireman Sam is something both of my childrenRead more

Physical and Mental Stimulation: How to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

How many times have your kids displayed symptoms of the boredom blues? For most parents, more often than not. Kids tend to display signs of boredom more during the winter months…which is completely understandable. Depending on where you live, weather conditions are worse than others and can prevent being able to go to different placesRead more