Physical and Mental Stimulation: How to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

How many times have your kids displayed symptoms of the boredom blues? For most parents, more often than not. Kids tend to display signs of boredom more during the winter months…which is completely understandable. Depending on where you live, weather conditions are worse than others and can prevent being able to go to different placesRead more

Spending more time together as a family

*Posted in collaboration with Toby Carvery* For a while now all our weekends have been solidly booked up – far too booked up that it has become a little ridiculous if I am honest. I often joke with PR’s who contact me asking if I am able to visit somewhere with the children and they thinkRead more

My experience with recurrent miscarriage

my experience of recurrent miscarriage

This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week and I am sharing my story in a bid to help break the taboo – Miscarriage shouldn’t be something we are afraid to talk about and uttered under hushed voices. Speaking out helps to raise awareness of something which happens all around us but until we speak outRead more

Finding time as a couple after kids is hard, could microdating be the answer?

Can you remember the good old days when you and your partner first met? The anticipation of your next date, where you would go, what you would do and counting down the hours until they arrived. It seems such a long time ago for many of us, myself included – Paul and I started datingRead more

Introducing Bassetts Vitamins to my fussy eater

When my kids were young, as in weaning and toddler age, I prided myself on the fact they were the least fussy kids in the world. Both would eat whatever I placed in front of them, eating everything without a care in the world. Messy eaters but the majority being eaten with the rest smearedRead more

Help the hacker is after me…..and other YouTube rubbish!

YouTube rubbish our kids watch

Screen time, love it or hate it our kids will be begging for more constantly and whether you limit it or not really doesn’t matter they will be wanting more than we would like. Our children have no concept of children’s TV of being on at certain times of the day. Before school and afterRead more

Wearing out the kids (and adults) with a day at Colchester Zoo – the truthful behind the scenes day out

**Posted in collaboration with Groupon** With the kids back off to school, summer suddenly feels over and the unwinding we’ve done seems a lifetime away. I swear shopping for school uniform has given me more grey hairs than 6 whole weeks off with the children. If like me you are on a mission to squeezeRead more