Easy planning: A family Halloween party

Planning a family Halloween party

I was never really a fan of Halloween, mainly because it wasn’t something we did growing up. We weren’t into the whole trick or treating and I even remember my parents blacking out the door window when I was in my teens pretending not to be home when they came knocking at the door. I’mRead more

Like it, Love it? Then share it via Teepee!

You may not have heard about Teepee yet, but it’s perfect for busy mums (and let’s face it, what other kind of mum is there!) so let me share with you what it is and how to use it. Teepee is a new app which cleverly allows friends to share recommendations in ways that I haven’t seenRead more

Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord Review

Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord Review

Harry once the boy who refused to ever stop and sit down to play has recently (since around Christmas time) found a new love of actually sitting and playing real games with his toys. He now loves nothing more than making up stories for his action figures, laying out tracks for his trains and actuallyRead more

Packing for a tech free break away

Our Easter break is booked and we are counting down the days now. Once again we are heading off for a caravan holiday with my sister and her children leaving the men behind – not because we don’t like holidaying with them but because we like to have a little girlie time and this wayRead more

“It’s my thing” – trying something new with Robinsons Fruit Shoot

exploding volcano experiement,

Fruit Shoot is launching ‘It’s My Thing’, a campaign designed to celebrate and champion confidence and individualism in kids and encourage creativity and self-expression and for me, this can only be a good thing. Children often feel pressurised into doing things their peers like, things which their family thing they would like or would beRead more

Beat Blue Monday with a Pizza Party #TescoPizza

Today is ‘Blue Monday’ the most depressing day of the year apparently and looking out of the window you can even tell that the weather has this memo too! Today, it still a week before payday for most of us with January being the worse month financially for many of us – we are all feelingRead more

Girls just wanna have fun

I just love Facebook’s timehop currently, there are so many happy memories which are popping up at the moment and its a great way of remembering what I was up to this time last year, and the year before and of course even further back. Of course, it’s inevitable that sad memories will pop upRead more