Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and restarting the Thinking Slimmer Programme

If you’ve been here for a while now you’ll remember that a few years ago I discovered a new found body confidence when I was taking part in a Thinking Slimmer journey. Thinking Slimmer using a unique nine-minute voice recording and online support alongside video coaching as a way of retaining our thoughts about food.Read more

Top Tips From a Former Nanny: Helping to cope with Chicken Pox

Top Tips Helping to deal with Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox is one of those common illnesses which most of us will get at some point in our lives (unless your child had had the Chicken Pox vaccination), and while most get this at a young age and while still at school there is no set age when Chicken Pox will strike. Emmy gotRead more

You’re in the bathroom again…..? #ad

*This blog contains advertising from the makers of IMODIUM®* There are a few taboo subjects we just don’t like talking about, those which make us feel uncomfortable and you feel you shouldn’t voice out loud. The problem is when no-one speaks about these issues it can lead to isolation and feeling like you are abnormal inRead more

Acupuncture: Why Does It Work?

If you’ve ever considered giving acupuncture a go, you’ve probably wondered how it works. The technique is an ancient medical intervention dating back to thousands of years, yet it’s still used widely today. The age-old discipline evolved through years of observation and creativity, as well as experimentation and it work by stimulating certain specific andRead more

Tips for dealing with Morning Sickness: Sea-Band Giveaway

Every time I have been pregnant, I have known before I even saw those magic 2 lines on a pregnancy test (I’ve been pregnant 7 times and each time knew before I took a test). How did I know? – Nausea I wasn’t sick instantly but there were triggers which would set me off, theRead more