Great Teeth for Your Child in 7 Straightforward Steps

Baby teeth are small, but they are extremely important. Your child will have trouble eating and will not learn to speak clearly without a healthy set of baby teeth. This is why caring for your child’s teeth, and keeping them free of decay is vital. The habits you form together will shape your child’s future.Read more

Top Tips from a Former Nanny: First Aid Essentials for every home

What to keep in a first aid kit

As many of you know prior to being a Mum, I was a Nanny for 14 years. It was a job which I loved and which I was happy to leave the house at 6.20am for and not return home until around 7.30pm most days. I would go in with a smile and leave withRead more

Understanding Psoriasis and what can help

Psoriasis symptoms and treatments

Did you know that Psoriasis is something which effects around 2% of people in the UK and it is something which can start at any age however is most common in adults, men and women equally. Although it is actually being diagnosed more it is still something many don’t know much about and something whichRead more

Harry’s operation – tooth extraction

Teeth extraction in young children

Well it’s over and done with now – thank goodness is all I can really say on the matter. You’ll have read about his park accident which left him with a referral for 2 teeth to be extracted, this was to be under sedation locally however they couldn’t give him an appointment until next year,Read more

The days arrived and I’m trying to hold it together

Tomorrow morning at first light we will be London bound with Harry for his operation. You’ll have read about his accident this summer which resulted in his teeth injury and permanent damage to his top baby teeth. We were referred to a local sedation clinic but would have to wait until April and with him in painRead more

5 easy steps to introduce into your daily routine: keeping your mind fresh

1. Keep it fit There are a lot of jobs, where you don’t have to do challenging tasks that demand new decisions, and you just have to repeat once learned responsibilities. But even if you have a job, that requires mental activity, it is not enough. You may find it is focused on a particularRead more

An open letter to my girlfriends – Breast Cancer Awareness Month #Friendshipunwrapped

To my girlfriends You know who this is aimed at, I’ll not embarrass you by naming names. Thank you so much for being there for me over the past year or so, the times have been tough and there have certainly been many bumps along the way. You have held me while I’ve cried, pickedRead more

Fruit Smoothies for busy mornings

Mornings here are hectic to say the least, as we walk to school we all have to be ready and out of the house by 8.30am to get there on time – that may not sound too bad however getting myself and 2 children up washed, dressed and fed by that time is a challengeRead more

Making school lunches healthy and varied for Harry

Now Harry is in school 3 full days a week that means he needs a packed lunch on those days.  Of course he isn’t really fussed about what is inside his lunch box just as long as he sits with his friends, doesn’t have to drink water and hopefully gets to wave at his sisterRead more

Pitching the kids off against each other – keeping active with kids

Competition is good and my children love to compete against each other whether that is who can get dressed the quickest, finish their dinner the first, who can jump the highest on the trampoline and even run the fastest.  As long as there is a winner they are happy to compete – although the outcomeRead more