Adding exercise into my daily routine

Thinking slimmer

Now the kids are back at school I am determined that this extra stone and a bit I’ve put back on in the last year needs to disappear for good. Last year I was so good and got myself into a good habit of eating well, stopping when I was full and adding a littleRead more

A visit to St Thomas’ Dental Hospital: Fast tracking Harry’s appointment

St Thomas' Dental Hospital

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for all your messages, tweets and emails after I wrote about Harry’s teeth extraction referral and the problems we were having in moving this urgent appointment forward from April 2017. It has been so reassuring reading all your messages on Instagram about your personal experiences with tooth damageRead more

Teeth extraction referral: a simple trip to the park gone wrong

St Thomas' Dental Hospital

I’m not sure if I ever told you about Harry’s accident last year. We were at his Grandad’s house playing in the garden, kids running around happily as usual when Harry fell over, tripping over his own feet. An accident all children have often, only this time he fell hitting his face on a ladderRead more

Do you know about Medical Power of Attorney?

Medical power of attorney, this isn’t something I’d heard about before, however, it’s something I would urge you all to learn about and to set in place to ensure your loved ones wishes are taken into account should the shit hit the fan and they lose their own ability to voice their wishes in hospital. HavingRead more

5:2 diet follow up – Lighter Life Fasting Packs

lighter light fasting packs

I wrote about the start of my 5:2 journey with the help of the new Lighter Life fasting packs back in January, you can read that post here. I’ll be honest with you while sticking mostly to the 5:2 I’ve been a little lapse – Why is it on a fasting day that the kidsRead more

New year can only mean…..time to lose weight!

lighter life fasting packs review

Why it is in January that we all decide we MUST diet? New year = a new you It makes sense really, out with the old and in with the new and a fresh start for all. I agree and I do it every year. Each year I say I’ll loose weight and start aRead more