8 tips and tricks on becoming little black dress ready

Top Tip for getting summer ready

Party season is fast approaching, this is the one thing I miss working from home is the lack of social events such as a Christmas party to look forward to. That’s not to say that there aren’t many other events to look forward to this season. The downside to the weather turning from boiling toRead more

Finding time as a couple after kids is hard, could microdating be the answer?

Can you remember the good old days when you and your partner first met? The anticipation of your next date, where you would go, what you would do and counting down the hours until they arrived. It seems such a long time ago for many of us, myself included – Paul and I started datingRead more

Shopping with kids in Tow at The Meadows Shopping Centre

The Meadows Shopping Centre

With half term fast approaching you may be planning all your fun days out with the children, the parks, zoo trips or maybe even the circus or perhaps you are planning for a week away on holiday. The last thing on your mind is taking them on a shopping trip with you – lets faceRead more

Did you know the cost of a funeral has increased +112% in 13 years?

(Funeral costs are increasing But we don’t like talking about it!) Research carried out by insurer SunLife in their ‘Cost of Dying Report 2017’ suggests that we Brits just don’t like talking about funerals. Perhaps this is not surprising, as it’s not the most enjoyable of subjects. But having recently lost my beloved nan, theRead more

Getting Summer Ready on a Budget with The Meadows Shopping Centre

The Meadows Shopping Centre

It seems that most of us really did have a very sunny bank holiday weekend and for once the weather didn’t get the memo about it being a bank holiday. What a scorcher it was. Did you manage to get out and enjoy it? Of course, like many others it seems to have caught meRead more

5 everyday items you can customise in cool ways

Unless you’ve abandoned all reason to narcissistic tendencies, it’s unlikely that a home littered with poster-sized selfie prints sounds attractive. But it’s still possible to customise a few select products in a way that’s a bit kitsch, yet not too cheesy. So here are five everyday items you can customise in cool ways. T-shirts MostRead more