Children just love to share germs and colds #ad

**Advertorial feature** Since becoming a Mother there are two main things I have had to accept: My clothes will always be covered in some substance or another, be that dribble and sick when my children were small, food where they love to wipe their hands all over my clothes or even snot where they haveRead more

Helping to teach children about healthier options with Whitworths #MyAmazingBody

Whitworths Bright Little Nuts

**Advertorial feature** I know I am very lucky in that when it comes to food choices my children really aren’t that fussy at all, yes they would happily eat plain pasta with cheese, macaroni cheese or even hotdogs until the cows came home BUT that said Emmy’s all time favourite foods are my homemade chickenRead more

Making Your Home as Child-Friendly as Possible in Time for Christmas

Ensuring your home remains child-friendly year-round is a constant challenge, especially considering the hectic lifestyle most parents lead these days; one season flows quickly into the next, and the slew of annual festivals, public holidays and educational obligations can overwhelm even the most organised mothers and fathers. Thankfully, there are many ways to improve theRead more

Easy planning: A family Halloween party

Planning a family Halloween party

I was never really a fan of Halloween, mainly because it wasn’t something we did growing up. We weren’t into the whole trick or treating and I even remember my parents blacking out the door window when I was in my teens pretending not to be home when they came knocking at the door. I’mRead more

Teens and children: Mobile safety and usage at school

Teaching children mobile safety

Although Emmy is only 7 and a half she is desperate for her own mobile phone – that is NOT happening for many many years that’s for sure. This is spurred on by having teenaged cousins who she see’s using theirs ALL the time. Times certainly have changed, I didn’t have a mobile as aRead more