Celebrating 5 years!

Today my small online space turns 5.  What started on a whim as a spare of the moment idea has changed it’s course over the past years and 5 years later it’s still here, growing from strength to strength.
Over the years I have gained some very lovely and loyal readers – some of you pop back for every post, some message me via email, twitter and even Facebook with comments and questions, some are here following linky’s I’ve joined in with, some for the competitions – however you’ve ended up here I THANK YOU and hope you stick around for perhaps another 5 years.
There are readers, some I’ve never met who email me to check I’m OK, if I’ve not posted for a few days or they know times are tough I will receive a message and that is genuinely appreciated and it really does help to lift me.  This past year was a tricky one for our family as you all know with the loss of my beautiful Mother-in-Law who sadly lost her Cancer battle on 14th July 2015.  With the year anniversary approaching it is a very hard time but knowing the support is still there and many of you still remember and care enough to send messages means a great deal.

Blogging for me has been very therapeutic in troubled times and in these times the community opens its doors and the support networks within are amazing.
It is together as a team, you and I managed to raise so much money for Cancer Research UK last year and which saw me in the top 5% of Just Giving Fundraisers last year when Emmy and I took part in the Race for Life.
It is also as a team we managed to raise so much money together for the Lullaby Trust when I took part in a Sky Dive raising money in the memory of the beautiful Matilda Mae who sadly became a star at the age of only 9 months old due to SIDS.
You can watch my Sky Dive video here
Blogging for me has become more than just a hobby, a way to pass the time, it has now become my job which allows me to be able to stay at home with my children and attend all of their school plays, sports days and trips.  I am able to take them to school and to pick them up without having to compromise, I now really do have the best of both worlds.
I couldn’t have imagined 5 years ago I would still be doing this – if I had I probably would have put more thought into my domain name as emmysmummy.com became a little strange when Harry came along and quickly I had to add the tag line of  “and Harry’s Too!” – now everyone refers to this site as Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s Too so it was fine but one day I’m sure I will get the stamped feet and you love her more than me drama style strops when they realise what it is Mummy does all day – currently they think it’s “Talk to the lady on the computer, take photos and collect parcels all day” – actually they aren’t far off I guess but it’s hard to explain blogging to children.
These past 5 years have been a blast mainly and there have been ups and downs.
I’ve been able to share my extremely personal posts such as my miscarriage posts with you and know that through writing and sharing those they may have helped others, I do have a few more of those in drafts to share at some point but they talk about the feelings and thoughts I had at the time so as yet I’ve been unable to edit the words into coherent sentences – one day I will share them. 
I really enjoyed all your success stories after I’d published my post on how to reclaim your PPI yourself, and I had a warm glow when you’d share your personal wins after trying for yourself and I hope some of you were moved enough by our personal hospital battle to take out a medical power of attorney for your loved ones – before they get too ill for it to be done.
You shared my pregnancy announcement with Harry at exactly the same time all family and friends found out and you also shared his birth announcement (while I was still in the recovery room of the hospital theatre after my C-section).
So to every one of you who has read at some point over the past 5 years – THANK YOU and to the TROLLS over the past 5 years SOD YOU I’M STILL HERE.
To celebrate with you lovely readers I have a week’s worth of competitions for you so keep coming back to see what I have lined up for you starting tomorrow.

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