Changing Dentists for the better

When I lived at home with my parents I didn’t have to worry about routine appointments, that’s a Mum’s job isn’t it? I was always booked into the the dentist around the corner from me twice a year, sadly always after school – I remember being envious of my friends who were able to get out of school early. 

Even when I was at college Mum would always remember to book me into the dentist -Thank you Mum!

When I finally moved out and into my our house with Paul and I had to take charge of all those things I was a bit…Very lax with things like that, infact it was only when I started to have wisdom teeth problem that I realised I hadn’t been for a few year (slaps wrists) and my old dentist no longer existed.   Then the hard job began,  ringing around to find an NHS dentist who was taking on new patients.

I signed up with the first one to have a space, without reading any reviews, talking to anyone or caring that it wasn’t in the the same town as I was now living…..hindsight is a fabulous thing but at the time I was in pain and needed to be seen.

I was much better then at remembering dentist appointments and went regularly for my 2 check ups a year, had 4 wisdom teeth removed at the hospital and my purse emptied regularly because everytime I went I needed yet another filling, this was rather strange as I rarely eat sweets and hardly drink fizzy drinks as opposed to paul who mainly drinks sugary tea and Coca-Cola but never needs fillings.

I couldn’t work out why and just put it down to not going for a few years.

Then when Emmy was born and started school it wasn’t as easy to get to the dentist during school times so I looked for a closer one. I’ve been going there for almost 2 years now and in that time I’ve needed NO treatment at all.

I’ve subsequently heard similar stories about my old dentist and heard of many people changing.

I’m very disappointed, obviously not being a dentist myself I can’t tell if I need a filling or not but I would hope to only have them when needed.  It could of course be just coincidental but I’ll never know.

If there had been a site around then such as I could have looked around online for local dentists to me and read some reviews at the same time, and also then go onto book an appointment online without the hassle of awaiting someone to answer the phone…..I do find that rather annoying!

Now I am Mum of course I make sure both kids attend their dental appointments twice a year, and I’m THAT mum too who makes appointments out of school hours and I now understand why my Mum did, even if at the time I didn’t.

Do you make sure you attend regular appointments?

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13 thoughts on “Changing Dentists for the better

  1. I had the same dentist my whole life, even when we moved – in the end, I did find one closer to us, and I know it can be a nightmare to find a dental practice with space for new patients, let alone a good dentist!

  2. I have been very lucky with my dentist although I did have a visit once with a locum and he had been outside smoking a pipe just before my appointment – i was in the early stages of pregnancy and safe to say I was ill lol

  3. We have had some awful dentists over the years. One even referred my, then four year old son, to the hospital because he wouldn't open his mouth (as he was scared, it was the second time he'd been!). Lots of fuss over nothing. He told my son that he would be forced to open his mouth by a doctor. My son was even more scared then! Luckily, the receptionist spotted that it was an odd thing to do so she cancelled the appointment. x

  4. Eww, dentists! I (Daddy) despise dentists. My previous one messed up a couple of tooth extractions, which has left me with tooth fragments embedded within my gums which keep becoming infected. I've avoided returning to "those places" for as long as I could but recently had to man up and try to get myself sorted out.

    I've had a couple of appointments, and next an upcoming visit to a private clinic 35 miles away where hopefully I'll be 'going under' in the not too distant future to have three or four extractions put right. I'm blaming them, but obviously it's my fault really for not taking much care of my teeth when I was younger!

  5. Our second check up of the year is now due and I'm also that mum that makes appointments out of school hours. In fact, our dentist does Saturday appointments so we always get the appointments together on a Saturday morning 🙂

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