Changing the look of a room in less than half an hour

I’ve shown you a few times both Emmy and Harry’s bedrooms.  These are my favourite rooms in the house as they are so cosy and comfortable, and suit the children’s personalities perfectly.
Each are painted with a Base colour and a theme was developed from there very easily using wall stickers. By using these stickers I was able to create a fantastic looking bedroom which could be changed when they outgrew a certain theme as children seem to do very quickly.
Originally Emmy had a Brown and Cream nursery but by the age of 2 she outgrew it and it was then I regretted the wall paper border as when it came off it meant all the walls needed painting again.
Adamant I wasn’t wasting time again when it was painted Purple I sought out some cute butterfly stickers,  a cute phrase and some animals – making her a really pretty big girls room.  These stickers now cover her walls, door and wardrobes meaning when she gets bored of these I can easily peel off the stickers and replace with something new, changing the entire look and feel of the room effortlessly.
The same goes with Harry’s pirate themed room, his is Blue with pirate stickers throughout, on the walls and wardrobes. He absolutely loves it as do I but when he gets bored it is just so easy to remove the stickers and replace with super hero’s, cars stickers or whatever he wants at the time.
I love the versatility of wall stickers as not only can they be placed on walls but wardrobes, cupboards and even mirrors. Often cheaper than art work for the walls and without the risk of the kids knocking glass frames from the wall, which is why most rooms in my home are decorated this way.  
Of course they are great for decorating rented homes too as often you will have a Magnolia base and aren’t allowed to paint or to put up shelves and sometimes pictures aren’t allowed to be hung either.  I actually chose Magnolia for my hallway recently to freshen it up but I know it’s not to everyone’s taste.  I then finished off with long mirrors at the bottom of the stairs, the kids hand and feet casts on the wall and also a family tree which is of course a very large wall sticker where you add the photographs under the frame stickers.
Next up will be my bedroom,  I’m just trying to decide on a base colour and I need to also change the carpet before I continue.
What is your favourite why to change the look of a room quickly?
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