Changing the whole look of an outfit with Wingz #Review

There are so many pretty dresses witting in my wardrobe and just as many lovely tops but many of them are unloved and unworn through no fault of their own.

They look so pretty on the hangers and I even love them when I try them on but there are just certain parts of my body which I prefer hidden and when I get these home I realise they just don’t do the job well enough.

I need to cover my tummy and all of my clothing does this but the other part I am not really a fan of is my upper arms.  They are very muscular from years of lifting bundles of papers – I used to work in a newsagent opening up and sorting all the papers for the paper boys and girls., and years of lifting heavy children means they look rather out of proportion if I try to wear a pretty dress unless I choose a style with capped or longer sleeves.

To combat this I wear cardigans and boleros a lot with vest tops or strappy dresses.

This works well however it does sometimes ruin the look of the dress especially if the cardigan doesn’t quite match the colour/pattern. I was recently introduced to Wingz which are designed to solve this wardrobe issue.

Wingz are additional sleeves which you wear under your chosen outfit.

Put on your underwear as normal and then add your chosen Wingz style over the top before then adding your top or dress.

Photo Credit: Wingz

These come in a variety of styles and in black or white colour options to suit your outfit choice. They are also available in a choice of materials and sleeve lengths so you can find something to suit all.

Short sleeved, medium and long sleeved options.

These also mean you could wear those summery dresses and summer tops for even longer now and if you fancy heading straight out from work but know you don’t have time to change, pop these into your bag and a quick trip to the bathroom to pop it on changes the entire look of that work wear.

Excuse Emmy’s photography skills, she does love to cut off my head

With prices ranging from £9.99 – £15.99 you could grab a few pairs to mix and match your wardrobe.

I am certainly packing mine in my suitcase for trips away.

Available from

Disclaimer: I received this item in exchange for this post, as always all thought and opinions are my own.

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