Changing the unchangable

When I was younger I spent ages begging my parents for piercing, tattoos and various other things I knew I wasn’t allowed.

I guess every young child/teenager does don’t they?  I’m sure it’s not just a girl thing either!

I had my ears pierced around the age of 8 after begging for ages – but it didn’t stop there.  I then wanted a second hole as my friends did.  I wasn’t allowed straight away. It was a few years later that I remember my Dad taking me and sitting with me while I had it done. 

Not satisfied with those I wanted more!

I went on to have the top of my ear pieced when I was at secondary school.

I went abroad for the first time when I was 18, to Kos with 2 of y best friends from school.  This was to celebrate leaving school, the end of exams and the beginning of  new era.  We had a whale of a time – clubbing every night, shopping and topping up our tan.  We went on day trips to Barcelona, visited the beach, local attractions and had a brilliant week away. 

When I came home I was donning a rose tattoo on my shoulder – don’t panic it wasn’t real it was henna however it did make me want a real one.

I told my parents and they said it was my choice – I was 18 after all.  A week later with my boyfriend in tow off I went to the tattoo shop knowing exactly what I wanted done.

I won’t lie it hurt!

I smiled through the pain, watching the blood being wiped from my shoulder blade. I wanted this – it was worth it.

It really was worth it.

I had planned what I was going to have for years – A rose, a single rose and there was a reason for this choice. Rose was my Nan’s name (well Rosalind but we all knew her by Rose) and it was to symbolise a love lost but not forgotten, someone very special to me.

This picture was taken on my honeymoon in Egypt in 2007, 9 years after I had my tattoo and I still love it.  It’s not too big and not over powering, and it can be hidden if I want it to be.

While in college I went on to have my belly button pierced and my nose – both I loved at the time however as I grew older they weren’t suited to my job with working with young children – it caused to many questions to be asked by them and eventually I took them out and the holes healed over.

The good thing about piecing’s are you can change your mind should you want to – they aren’t permanent like a tattoo is.

Since the kids came along I’ve been wanting to add a tattoo with their names on.  I haven’t done this yet as I can’t decide on what I want to have and where.

I will wait until I find or design the perfect one though and not rush into it. 

I know many who have had girlfriends/boyfriends names tattooed on them only to break up the following year and be stuck with their tattoos.  Can you imagine how strange that would be for the next partner to come along and discover someone else’s name on you?

Many friends have changed their minds about their tattoos but by then it’s been too late, they have then either had to cover them with a new tattoo or look into Tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal isn’t something I’ve had to look into however for those who have it is possible however would possibly take a few treatments for it to be a success – up to 5 for smaller tattoos and up to 20 for larger ones, the darker the design the longer it will also take, there are many articles about it which you can read here.

Should you need to change the unchangeable it is possible.

I will definitely asking Emmy and Harry to wait until they are old enough to understand, should they want a tattoo in the future.  They will have to wait until at least 18 as I did and I would want they to think long and hard about how they decorate their bodies as they will have to live with that choice forever or have a lengthy procedure to remove it.

This picture is another henna tattoo I had done, this time on my honeymoon – I toyed with the idea of having a real one here however changed my mind and I’m glad I did!

Do you have any tattoos and do you regret any of them?

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4 thoughts on “Changing the unchangable

  1. I dont have them, in fact i dislike them but they are a personal thing, my daughter has been out and got more since the one she promised would be her only one and I'm gutted but time will only tell if she feels the same in the future xxx

    BlogClub x

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