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I’m not a cloth nappy user, I have never used a cloth nappy before so when I was asked if I would like to try one I thought I would give it a go to see if I could be persuaded to change.

I was sent a Charlie Banana 2 in 1 disposal nappy

This nappy can be used with the reusable inserts which come with it (you get 2 per nappy) or with disposable inserts which can be brought separately.

These are one size fits all nappy’s which close using poppers to adjust so it has a fully adjustable fit, there are also cords to pull in the leg sections to make it tighter or to loosen so would fit for quite a while to come. 

I have used this a few times with Harry, it’s actually taken a while to get this review up as I wanted to use a good few times before writing about it however with only one nappy to work with it has taken a while to get through the wash and wear trials and I wanted to see how effective it was with dealing with Harry’s wee’s and poo’s.

To give it a fair test I asked to trial some disposable inserts too and was sent a few of these to use – they look like over sized sanitary towels and are used by inserting inside this nappy, laying on the fleece and tucking into the fold inside. 

The reusable inserts and inserted into the flap inside and pushing under the layer of the nappy.

I personally preferred the disposable option as I am used to this having always used disposables however I do like the look and the feel of cloth so this is perhaps a good option as you could ease in gently to using cloth.

The reusable inserts were very absorbent and I could go many hours between Nappy changes without leaking, the disposable inserts were just as absorbent.

They contained Harry’s normal poo’s well however when he had a stomach upset they did leak, now not having used cloth before I can’t tell you if this is normal or not.

Overall I like this nappy – I’m not yet convinced to move into cloth but who knows, maybe one day?  I do like the funky colours these are available in, and in the summer I would love some funky nappies for when he is trouser less and playing in the garden.

Priced at £14.99 these are available from Fill your Nursery and Fill your Pants.

2 thoughts on “Charlie Banana Nappy review

  1. We have used these nappies and LOVE them! The one size adjustability is so unique on this brand and they can fit really tiny. Bring on summer to show them off!

  2. Looks like a great option. And the diaper cover looks so awesome. Reaching your blog through social fabric and happy to learn about a new blog in our community

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