Cheerleading Minnie Mouse #Review

Just incase you didn’t already know…my kids both love Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
This latest Fisher Price toy arrives while Emmy was at school, so I allowed Harry some play time on his own.
The Cheerin’ Minnie Mouse was surprisingly easy to get out of the box, unlike many toys and the batteries were included already which is a real bonus.
She stands around 36cm’s tall and works by pressing her foot.
Unlike many of these style toys she actually has a few phrases to say and she also sings ‘Hey Mickey’ and I defy any of you not to sing along…it’s impossible.

She has over 12 songs and phrases and 3 pom pom shaking routines.

Here she is in action:
Priced at £50 she is the expensive scale of toys however she does get played with lots in this house by Harry and Emmy and I often find them both bopping about with her singing which is great to see.
Even Harry can easily find the button and get her singing and talking and I’m pleased to report she can withstand a heavy handed boy dropping her (although I wouldn’t recommend trying it yourself).

She wears a pink and white polka dotted cheerleading outfit, her matching signature bow and has matching pom poms to wave around.  Very sturdy and stands alone, she is very cute indeed.
I imagine this will be high on many Minnie Mouse fans Christmas lists this year. We certainly love her.

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