Cheesy Chick Scones

I struggle with Emmy sometimes getting her to eat, so I have decide to try to make mealtimes fun for her.  Getting her to help me cook is always a winner and for lunch today we made cheese scones and turned them into Easter Chicks – these went down really well and I will be making these again.

Here is how to make your own if you would like to.

Cheesy Chick Scones


8oz self raising flour
2oz butter
Pinch of salt
1oz Mature Cheddar cheese grated and a little extra to decorate
5 floz milk
1 carrot

We mixed the flour and salt together and then rubbed in the butter with our fingers – well Emmy did, I wasn’t allowed to help.

Next the milk and cheese was added and kneaded together.

We kept this simple so didn’t roll them out at all, we just made them into ball shapes and I flattened them a little on the baking tray.  We made 5 scones – we could have made 6 however Emmy wanted to play with the dough some more so I let her.

These were cooked in the oven at 220 degrees for about 15 minutes.

After cooling for a little while I cut them in half and added grated carrot as a filing, popped the top back on and added some grated cheese, raisins for eyes and 2 carrot slices standing upright to make a beak shape and served.

Emmy loved them.

Chick faces cheese scones

We are entering our Cheesy Chick Scones into the Cook with Kids competition run by for our chance to win a Range Cooker worth £995.  The competition ends on 3rd April, details can be found here.

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