Chessington part 2: A Day with Penguins

I recently told you about our wonderful evening spent with DreamWorks Animation’s PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR at Chessington for the movie screening,  well we were lucky enough to stay overnight in the amazing new Azteca Hotel.
The children haven’t stayed in a hotel attached to a theme park before so the excitement was immense,  from our room we could see the Monkey’s and the new tree top adventures trail so they planned where they were going first thing.
Our room was decorated in a Jungle Aztec theme with a giant Monkey as a room guest which the children adored.  The children had their own sectioned off sleeping area, separated by the bathroom.  They had bunk beds with a pull out trundle bed underneath so it could easily sleep 3 children,  they also had their own tv as well as night lights next to their beds so older children can read  if they want without disturbing others, we found these a little too bright to keep on as nightlights and used the plug in on I always bring from home.
The main bedroom area had a nice sized double bed, and all amenities you would expect in a hotel, desk, chair,  hairdryer and TV. 
The bathroom had a lovely big bath, something we often find lacking and with Paul being quite tall he struggles with bath sizes usually.   The shower looked lovely but as it was brand new I couldn’t turn it on as the dial was too stiff to turn (this will obviously change with use).
It was a very comfortable nights sleep for all, even if I did end up in the trundle next to Harry.  We really liked the added touches of adventure in the room with a list of things for the children to find and count in the room – from binoculars hidden in the carpet design to animals on the wallpaper.
Breakfast was in the hotel with the addition of Penguins,  what isn’t to love about this!  With everything from a full English to pancakes and waffles, cereals and freshly made smoothies there was something for everyone.

The children were entertained by Penguins and learnt the show dance ahead of show-time.
Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s Year of the Penguins has now launched so we headed into the park to see the first showing of the live stage show Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Cheesy Dibbles .
Here we were treated to a fantastic performance with snippets from the movie.
You’ll see the Penguins meeting Dr Octavius Brine who if you’ve seen the film you’ll know is Dave an Octopus holding a grudge for the Penguins stealing his limelight in the zoo.
He uses his Medusa Serum to turn the Penguins from cute and cuddly to plain hideous. 
Will the penguins defeat Dr Octavius Brine?   You’ll have to see the show to find that out but you will definitely see lots of Cheesy Dibbles.
Chessington’s Year of the Penguins features:
  • A new Penguin Bay
  • The arrival of six new Humboldt Penguins in April for the new Penguin Presentation
  • A preview of the new Penguins of Madagascar themed hotel rooms at the Safari Hotel
  • The new Penguins of Madagascar Mission: Treetop Hopper ride experience
  • A celebration of the partnership with DreamWorks Penguins of Madagascar and the new show: Penguins of Madagascar Live! Operation Cheezy Dibbles!
  • It is running for the whole year and tickets start at £26pp for the day 
We had a wonderful time and with having our Merlin passes we will definitely be heading back this summer and will definitely stay again – the children are eyeing up the new Penguin rooms next and we will then be able to get there early and spend 2 days exploring as it was a little too much in one day.  It will be nice to head back to the hotel for a rest half way through the day when the kids tire, rest, watch some TV and then head out again.
Disclaimer:  We were guests of Dreamworks Animation and Chessington for our stay which celebrated the PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR coming out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on 30th March  and Chessington World of Adventures Resort’s Year of the Penguins.

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