Could your child engineer a brand new chocolate bar of the future? Get them to enter!

Did someone say chocolate?

Of course that got your attention, it grabbed mine too and I’m pretty sure my daughter could even hear that word being typed – she has an amazing ability to sniff out a chocolate bar as soon as it enters the house and hiding them in the cupboard/back of the fridge or ANYWHERE in the house is futile and my stash is always found.

The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) have teamed up with Cadbury’s in a bid to get out children thinking, creating and engineering a chocolate bar of the future.

Children are our future and we need to teach them from an early age that they can achieve anything they want to, can be anything they put their minds to and there should be no boundaries to their dreams.

Emmy often talks of the jobs she wants to do when she grows up – she wants to be a writer, an author of children’s books, other times she wants to be an artist – she is very creative and is always sitting down drawing pictures and making up stories.

This partnership invites children to think about all the things they love about chocolate and to push the away the boundaries and use their imaginations and to engage children in the joys of engineering and innovation, while nurturing their curiosity through the medium of chocolate.

The IET invites children aged 8 to 16 years to enter their designs for the chocolate bar of the future. The overall winner will win a once in a lifetime experience at the Bourneville Factory in Birmingham to engineer their winning entry alongside chocolate experts bringing it to life – and of course tasting it at the same time! Not only that but they will also win a trip to Cadbury World, and an iPad Mini.

Ten runners up will receive family tickets to Cadbury’s World.

This competition closes on the 16th September so get your thinking caps on kids and get your parents to enter your designs here.

Click the image to go to the entry page


Here are a few things to think about including with your entries:


  • How will you make / engineer your chocolate bar?
  • How will it look and taste?
  • What shape will it be?
  • What will it be called?
  • What makes it different to chocolate bars that already exist?
  • Has it ever been done before?
  • How creative and quirky is it?
  • What size will it be (how many pieces)?
  • What would the packaging look like?

This competition runs as part of the Engineer a Better World Campaign which launched in 2015 to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians by encouraging young people and their parents to nurture their curiosity and think differently about careers in engineering.

There’s never been a better time for young people to consider engineering with huge demand for engineering graduates and apprentices.

The IET want people to think differently about engineering and see that it is all around us from our smart phones and tablets to our heating and lighting to our clothes and toiletries.  Engineers have played a huge part in all of these and much, much more.

When I asked Emmy for her ideas for a chocolate bar of the future she suggested it:

  • Be suitable for breakfast, so a healthy option so Mummy says Yes when I ask for it for breakfast
  • Contained real Strawberries as she thought this would make it healthy
  • Only contain milk chocolate are the rest are disgusting
  • Come in re-sealable packaging so she could save some for later
  • Not melt if held in your hands or left out of the fridge
  • Have a taste which tasted a while after eating

She certainly put a lot of thought into what she wanted and is now a little disappointed her ideas don’t already exist.

What would your kids like to see featured in their dream chocolate? Don’t forget to get them to enter. Good Luck


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