Does your child have a mobile? Know how to protect them online

We live in a digital age, with children reaching for technology younger and younger. They see their parents and peers/siblings using them so want to follow suit, and with even cartoons for the youngest children having games apps available it’s no wonder they start at such a young age.

The average age for a child getting their first smart phone is currently 10.3 years whereas I didn’t get my first phone until the age of 18 and back then they were just phones – no cameras, internet or other gadgets. Because they are receiving these at such an early age it is very important that parents teach them internet safety, who they can and can’t chat with online, who they can give their numbers out to, what information they are allowed to share and the reasons why they have to be careful and not overshare.

The below infographic give a few more ideas of things we need to teach children in order to keep them safe.

How to Protect your Children on their Smartphones


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How to Protect your Children on their Smartphones at

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