Child-proofing my gadgets

Accidents happen, we all know that don’t we?
Add children into the mix and they happen all too often!
Even before I had my own children I realised by finding out the hard way.  I was a Nanny for 14 years and during that time it was always my expensive items which would get broken.
I lost 3 mobile phones in the space of about 2 years – well when I say lost I mean they were broken and unfixable.  All three times were silly accidents.
  • The first was washed in the washing machine at work.
    I was doing the laundry and had answered a call from the children’s parents saying they would be late home.  I then put the phone down on the side to finish loading the machine.  Going upstairs to grab the bath towels to fill the load, turning on the machine and thinking nothing else of it.

    It was only later when I went to wash up and couldn’t find the tea towel, I started retracing my steps.  The tea towel was on the side and I had put my phone on top of it.  I honestly thought I was going mad.  Using the house phone to call my phone seemed the obvious answer – nothing.  It was only when I emptied the machine later that I found the phone.  Now I know I hadn’t washed the tea towel as it was a clean one I got out that morning.  It later transpires the 5 year old was being very kind and helping me with the washing.

  • The second took a tumble into the sink as I was washing up.  We were listening to music on it as we danced around the kitchen, washed up, made tea and had our usual after School fun and wind down.  The phone rang and one of the kids past it to me – it never quite made it into my hands.
  • The third was dropped down the stairs, I still can’t to this day work out why it was upstairs when it is was usually kept in the kitchen at work as that was the only place it got a signal – no-one ever owned up to that one.
But these things do happen and I was so very glad that when I took out my current account it came with mobile phone insurance.  It made life that little bit easier and of course saved me a lot of money too.
Since having my own kids, the accidents continue to happen:
  • My phone has taken a trip down the toilet – actually so has the TV remote, my purse and a few other choice items – Thanks Harry!
  • My laptop has not only been dropped by stood upon and danced on – Again, Thanks Harry
  • My keys have been posted out of the letter box, into the bin and into carrier bags causing them to be lost for more than a week – This was Emmy’s favourite trick when younger
  • And other thing’s I have blocked and try to forget
This is why I have insurance for everything, especially my phone and my keys as accidents do happen and I’d rather not have to start claiming on my house insurance as it gets expensive in future years.
Every gadget I own now I child proof as much as I can, with a case on my phone, a case for my camera and even a child proof case on my Kindle – you can never be too careful when kids are around!
Have you had any child related gadget accidents recently?


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14 thoughts on “Child-proofing my gadgets

  1. I have dropped my phone so many times I honestly don't know how it hasn't smashed but luckily my children haven't broken anything but then when all but the youngest were little there weren't smart phone, I didn't have a laptop or anything…scary how quickly times have change 😉

  2. I have no kids but my half-brother used to smash things up by accident 🙂 now he's only buying some stuff while playing on my Dad's tablet which is going to cost them a fortune if they keep letting him use it without supervision 🙂

  3. *Touch wood* I have been quite lucky even with 2 little ones in the house, Hubby however has not been so lucky and our son accidently nudged his phone in to a potty that he had just took a wee in!!! It never worked after that lol!! x

  4. My gadgets need to be protected from me – I'm always dropping them! Thankfully our two seem to be quite careful though we do have pretty sturdy cases on the ones they are allowed to use.

  5. ahhh down the toilet, that is a favourite game in our house. That and "find mummy's keys" So far we have had no mobile related incidents but I am waiting for that one! Angela x

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