Give your child’s room a makeover! 5 changes that make a big difference

children's bedroom makeover ideas
Your child’s bedroom is the one place they can enjoy some quality alone time and hopefully get a good’s night’s sleep.  It’s their own personal space where they can calm down, relax or just be away from the bustle of everyday life.
As they get older, personal they will spend more and more time in this haven, and by the teenage years, you’ll be lucky to drag them out of their rooms.
So, if their little hideaway is looking a bit worse for wear there are a few ways you can spruce it up and give it an update without breaking the bank while doing so.
Simple changes can make a big difference, so check out these five handy tips and give your cheeky monkey something to smile about.

Children’s bedroom makeover ideas


Update their bed

A new bed doesn’t have to cost the earth! In fact, you can pick one up on Groupon or eBay if you wanted to and just get a new mattress if you need one.

Storage beds are a great option if you are lacking room or storage, I have an ottoman bed and I store all the bedding and Christmas presents under it, it’s great for hiding away all those things you don’t need to hand. For children, cabin beds offer great storage options, with high sleepers having enough space under for a wardrobe and mid sleepers gaining you playing space, a den area and room for some drawers too.

You could go all out if you wanted to, Harry just adores his car bed and can often be found pretending to drive to town with his friends, it also makes a great place to spend movie nights, after all, who wouldn’t love a driving in movie? You can read our review on this wonderful car bed from Babios here. 

Paint the walls

It’s amazing what a drop of paint can do, it’s well worth getting the rollers and brushes out and revamping the walls.  Neutral colours such as white, cream or pale shades of pink or blue are a great way to get the room looking fresh again and you can always add pictures and photo boards to liven things up when you’ve finished.  If your child is adamant they want a theme you could keep things simple by adding a border and stencils to add some interest (think stars, planets, underwater images and such like), this works well if they change what they like at the drop of a hat.

Adding photos and artwork in frames is a very simple way of changing things up a little and means if your child does get tired of a theme you can change the images in the frames.

super hero photo wall

Create a feature wall

Don’t feel like repainting the entire room?  Then you don’t have to.  Instead, gather paints, stickers, glitter and anything else that takes your fancy and create your very own feature wall.  There are many fun and exciting things you can do from stencilling your child’s name onto the wall to painting a solar system or a castle, so let your imagination run wild and get the whole family involved.  If arts and crafts aren’t your strongest skill, don’t worry as there are some great wall transfers out there that will do most of the work for you or you could turn to Pinterest for ideas as I did when I painted Harry’s Batman mural wall – you can see my tutorial on how I did this here.  

Batman skyline mural and racing car bed

I still love how it turned out and by adding the glow in the dark stickers to the sky it also acts as a night light at bedtimes. If art and painting really aren’t where your talents lie then you could easily hire someone from Rated People, here you will find lots of talented artists and painters who could help create a masterpiece in any room.


Recarpeting a room sounds great but it’s not the cheapest option, and you may want to hold off for a few years if your children are likely to spill things often.

Cleaning the original carpets in most cases will do wonders, it really is amazing just how much dirt you will find is hidden away in carpets, even if you hoover them regularly. Many places hire carpet cleaners out, the rug doctor has a station in many Tesco’s, or you could sweet talk a friend into letting you borrow theirs.

Once clean if you still want to cover over marks, or change the look of the room you could use rugs temporarily, activity rugs are great for children’s rooms. Harry had a double sided one a few years ago which had a road on one side and a jungle on the other side, perfect for playing with his toys on.

Invest in some soft furnishing

Sometimes, all it takes is a few soft furnishings to liven a place up.  Matching cushions, rugs, throws and curtains can look wonderful in both small and large rooms and can either be neutral in colour or bought to correspond with a certain theme.

For instance, silver, pink or glittery accessories could work wonderfully in a princess themed palace bedroom.

Sprucing up a room doesn’t have to be difficult, so keep things simple and enjoy the benefits.

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