PlayAway Case – Children’s luggage with a difference #Review

We have all come across children’s style suitcases before. Pre Emmy and Harry we had many holiday’s abroad and the airport was awash with a popular brand of children’s case – you know the ones I mean, they can be sat on and pulled around, there is no need for me to mention the the name as you know what it is.

Now what about older children who are too big for these style cases?  Why should they have to have boring luggage?

While at the Bluewater Baby & Toddler show we came across the most adorable and functional children’s suitcases, the PlayAway Case.  These are large cases which can easily hold a weeks worth of children’s clothes for a holiday as well as colouring, crayons, and toys with another added secret to help entertain.

Curious yet?

This is the PlayAway Case, a Suitcase and entertainment centre all in one!

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(Meet the pioneers, left to right: Edhi, Ava Dee, Alexsee & Amy Jo)

The first thing you will notice are the adorable, eye catching and cute designs which are are long lasting – appealing to Emmy at aged 3 yet still very usable for a 10 year old or even older child as they are not TV characters they will not be cast away when that phase/stage of childhood passes and quite frankly I would happily use these as my case without a second thought.

These are cabin sized cases with a difference.  While most suitcase are designed for either holding clothes or toys, this does both. 

Do you see the front section of this case? Can you see the handle on the front? That is the Play Pod.

It is removable.

PlayAway Case, Play Pod, suitcases for children,, review, Dragons Den

Inside the play pod you can put crayons, pens, paper, playing cards and some toys too.  This is just pulled away from the front of the case and taken with you – whether that be in the car, on a plane, bus, train or even into a restaurant.  Everything you need to entertain your child can be kept neatly inside and then zipped away when finished and it easily pushes back onto the front of the case again.

What you will also notice from the picture above is underneath the Play Pod is a board game, this is incorporated into the design of the case so there is no chance of losing it or forgetting to take it home again, a dice and counter pieces are found in the Play Pod.  This is family entertainment built into your case directly, such a clever idea and why it hasn’t been thought of before I will never know.

Emmy was given an Amy Jo case to use on our weekend away recently, to try out, test and see what we thought.

The verdict is:  We LOVE it!

I was able to pack all of Emmy’s and Harry clothes for our long weekend away into the case and there was still room left over so we added some dolls and teddies and could have added more however I was packing light.

Inside the Play Pod was a colouring book, crayons, a card game and the dice and counters already.  We then went onto the PlayAway Case website and printed off some free colouring sheets and added these too. We then added Emmy’s Innotab2 and a couple of wind up toys and a dummy and she had all the entertainment she needed for our 5 hour car journey all to hand in her Pod which we placed on the seat beside her but it could have easily sat on her lap to make a colouring/play tray.

The case is on wheels and the handle is adjustable to 3 different heights meaning Emmy was easily able to pull it along herself and then when she got bored of that we could take over.  The are also hand-luggage sized cases so if you are flighing you could pack the case with toys if you wanted and have everything to hand or just save on baggage allowance.

On the website there are loads of activities which can be downloaded as PDF files to your computer and then printed out which will also help kid your children amused, we chose the colouring in however there are also wordsearches and word grids available with lots to choose from you could download them all or just a few – it’s up to you!

These cases are priced at £99 which initally may seem a lot however you are actually getting a sturdy long lasting suitcase, an activity case, board game, colouring book, crayons and a pack of game cards all included in the price.  When Harry is older I will definately be getting him the Edhi case to match Emmy’s.

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You can find PlayAway case on Facebook and on Twitter, or you could visit their website

Disclaimer: we received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own unbiased views.

This product was featured on Dragon’s Den on 23/02/2014 and was successful in receiving a Dragon’s offer – Congratultaions PlayAway Case

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