Chocolate alternatives for Easter

I’m sure that I’m not alone here with dreading the Easter weekend – I am already sick of the sight of Easter Eggs as they hit the supermarket aisles the day after Valentines and the kids constantly want them as soon as they see them.

I would actually prefer to buy a bar of chocolate for them as there is more chocolate content – of course they wouldn’t be happy with that idea. I’m not mean either – I do buy them one Easter Egg each but then so does everyone in the family – they will get one from their Grandad, another each from their Nan and Grandad, Aunts and cousins and before we know it they’ve ended up with 10 Easter Eggs each, and while they love chocolate – no child needs that many chocolate eggs.

Every year I find myself giving away some of their eggs or melting them down to make cakes with – their favourites being rice krispie cakes.

This year, I have cut down on how many chocolate eggs I am buying for everyone – Emmy and Harry had a small one each (they’ve actually already eaten them as I forgot to hide them – #mumfail right there) – I have also let them choose a toy each instead so Emmy picked out a LOL surprise pet today which shopping and Harry a remote control car.

My older nephews have an Egg each but my young niece and nephew have gifts instead – my 2 year old niece will be getting a My Little Pony dress while my 4 year old Nephew has a construction set – I know they will get plenty of chocolate so prefer to give something which won’t rot their teeth (even if they are still baby teeth!)

Other gift ideas for non chocolate gifts could be:

Build-a-Bear  – who doesn’t enjoy a trip to Build-a-Bear but if you can’t get to the store they have some great deals online, including a few cute bunnies from £10 or some buy offers for buy 2 for £28

Paladone Soldier Egg Cup – Eggs and soldiers are a favourite for many no matter how old you are, I could happily eat them every day for breakfast. These are super cute egg cups with a soldier bread/toast cutter.

Bush Baby World – these are on Emmy’s wish list currently, Joining the Blossoms collection are Lili and Rosi – the Scented Blossom Meadow Bush Babies (RRP £12.99 each).  Lili and Rosi are the best of friends but the complete opposite of each other.  Rosi is quiet, gentle and tidy, whereas Lili is loud, giggly and a little messy…  Lili and Rosi have a unique blossom scent and come with a flower shaped brush so you can look after their beautiful bright – see these cute friends come to life in the video below.

Hatchimals – Well they are still eggs after all, with a few versions to choose from now from the originals – you can read my review here, to twin versions or if those are too big then there is always the colleggtibles – these are Emmy’s favourites and she happily plays swaps at school with her friends – you can also read our review for those here.

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