Chocolate Krispie Cakes

Daddy (Paul) was busy working on my computer the other day and Emmy being Emmy kept making a bee line for it, so quick distraction was needed. First thoughts were fairy cakes, however we had run out of eggs so Chocolate Krispie cakes it was.

What you need:
Large bar of cooking chocolate                                  Opinional extras:
Rice Krispies (or Cornflakes)                                      Cut up apricots
Mixing bowl                                                                Raisins
Wooden spoon                                                            Sprinkles to decorate
Glass bowl
Cake cases
First I got my little cook ready with her apron on; the hat didn’t stay on long! Then I poured Rice Krispies into a bowl, gave her a wooden spoon to play with and let her have fun.

I then put ¼ saucepan of water onto boil on the hob, while waiting for it to boil I broke up the chocolate and put into the glass bowl. This glass bowl then goes into the saucepan (turn down the heat) and the chocolate then melts, keep stirring though!!

This was then poured over Emmy’s Rice Krispies and she stirred and generally made a mess – but at least it was fun. Be careful though as the melted chocolate is hot so adult help is needed.

We added chopped apricots and raisins to ours for extra Yummy taste. (Also Emmy isn’t a huge fruit eater so I like to hide some when I can)

Then I spooned the mixture into cake cases and we decorated with sprinkles, left to set then ate!!

As you can imagine they didn’t last very long at all.

These are our finished cakes

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