Choosing the right schools can be difficult

It is now that time of the year when parents of Nursery children need to decide where they want their children to attend school – I have only recently done this myself, I did it on the day the applications opened so as to not forget – the deadline is 15th January 2017 in case you were unsure – you can apply online.

It seems like ages ago that I did this for Emmy and here I am once again. That’s it though as I will be having no more children BUT it isn’t the last time I will need to decide upon the education of my children.

Emmy will move from the Infants to the Juniors in September without another decision being made but then comes the really hard job of choosing Secondary schools. We have one very close to us which I am fairly sure she will attend however a lot can change in over 4 years so it is not a given.

There are another 3 or 4 she could go to and are accessible via public transport, some I know better than others. I attended one of these myself as did her Dad – that is where we actually met.

Friends of mine have older children than me so have only just recently gone through this process and I have to say I am not looking forward to it one bit especially seeing how stressful it was for one, in fact her daughter has just moved to a different secondary school after starting the first only in September. She didn’t like it at all, tried persevering but wasn’t happy. The move has been great for her and she has already made friends.

Its a whole new worry for us parents though, and one we certainly don’t remember our parents making. I do have vague recollections of a science lab visit and getting lost during the tour of one school – I chose not to go there as it put me off but that is all I actually remember of the process.

These decisions then pass to our children as they are old enough to decide their next course of action and their career paths. I choose to stay in the 6th form but this was mainly because my friends did and I had no real ideal then what I wanted to do – it turns out that was 2 years of my life wasted as my tutors left towards the end of my courses leaving my teacherless and to my own devices – I didn’t take the exams and left with no extra qualifications.

Next up was college, this time there was no traipsing around looking at sites – you are limited to which site has the course you want to do, unless you head off to Uni which was never on the cards for me.

I loved my college years, I did work very hard and passed my DNN with flying colours, the worries of college were so different to school and the 6th form – there was no trying to fit in for me, it was a case of knuckling down and wanting to do my best, so while I did see a few students there having their assignments written for them, this wasn’t for me as I wanted to actually learn all there was to know.

It is this putting my head down and working hard which saw me alienated from the groups while there, a bit of a loner as such. I would eat lunch alone at times but I worked hard and gained my DNN – I also gained employment while still training, something not many of my fellow students managed to do – I worked as a Mother’s help and later went on to be a full time Nanny for that family.

It is very hard to imagine Emmy and Harry in years to come choosing their career paths but I am very excited to see what they eventually choose to become.

Now who has a stopwatch to turn back the time please?

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