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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…… anyone else with school-aged children already hearing that on repeat in their houses? Please tell me I’m not alone here. I know the teachers have to get the kids to practice their songs and lines ready for Christmas but to have heard those songs for over a week already certainly does make it hit home just how quickly Christmas is approaching.

I have been squirrelling away gifts throughout the year, purchased in the sales in a bid to avoid the financial hardship that December often thrusts upon many of us as we leave purchasing gifts until the last minute. Being claustrophobic I can’t stand leaving the shopping until the week before Christmas and standing in long queues, I also hate going from one shop to another so do like to either shop online or in a store which has gifting options for everyone in the same store – it makes it so much easier.

One such place to find Christmas gifts which are suitable for everyone is from – they, of course, don’t only sell medicines and make-up but a whole host of gifts ranging from the latest shavers and fitness watches to earphones and even board games.

I often struggle to buy gifts for a few of my family members, some due to their ages and others due to the fact they never seem to need anything – a default for men’s gifts for me is electronics, especially for my husband – he’s always happy with the latest gadget in his hand.

As part of the Boots 50 days of Xmas campaign, I was asked to pick out gifts to give people this Christmas. I chose my cousin and our aunt.

Since the children’s Nan (Paul’s Mum) passed away, the children see Paul’s aunt as a substitute Nanny figure, she puts us up in her home in Cornwall whenever we want a holiday and encourages us to visit more often, however with it being a 6-hour drive away it’s not always possible to fit in more than two a year.

The children adore her, as do we. She taught Emmy to knit and also I picked it up from her by watching Emmy being taught, she makes the kid’s cardigans to wear which is something Paul’s Mum used to do, and she loves coming on day trips out with us when we visit – we are yet to get her riding the rollercoasters but the kids have managed to get her into the pirate boats at the theme park on a few occasions.

She is coming this way for Christmas again this year so we plan to spend a few days with her again, the kids are always in fits of giggles when she is around and to see them all having so much fun together is just lovely. The gift I picked out for her is a Ghost Sweetheart Eau de Toilette 50ml Christmas Gift Set, I thought this would be a lovely treat for her as she does so much for everyone else in her life that she doesn’t take a lot of time for herself.

The set is a lovely pampering gift which she can enjoy and it will also mean she has to take time out to relax too – who doesn’t love a good bubble bath after all.

The set consists of:

  • Ghost Sweetheart Eau de Toilette 50ml
  • Ghost Sweetheart Eau de Toilette 5ml – perfect for keeping in your handbag
  • Natural Himalayan Bath Salts 100g
  • Bath Soak 150ml
  • Rose Gold Cosmetic Bag

This all comes beautifully presented in a lovely pink gift box which you could wrap for Christmas or if you are cutting back on wrapping paper this year and doing your bit for the environment then you could tie it beautifully with a ribbon and pop it under the tree – the ‘Ghost’ writing on the front of the box will be hidden under the bow and look beautiful on Christmas morning.

This gift costs £39.00 and if using your Boots Advantage card you will also receive 156 Advantage card points.

For my cousin, I began browsing the Christmas gifts for her section for inspiration, teenagers can be difficult at times to buy for. Last year I gave her a huge makeup kit containing absolutely everything she needed from lipsticks, mascaras and nail polishes to makeup brushes so I’m pretty sure she won’t yet have run out of makeup….although if I remember myself at that age and know how much she watches YouTube maybe she has – there are certainly enough how to videos so I’m sure she’ll perfect contouring long before I have!

The gift I decided best for her was the Babyliss Straight and Curl Brilliance Straightener. These are straighteners and curlers in one – picked as she is at that age where her appearance is beginning to matter to her more and more – thankfully boys are still disgusting to her and it’s done just for her, and she does look into every reflective surface using it as a mirror

They have smooth-glide titanium plates for effortless straightening and ultra-smooth stainless steel curved housing which helps to create perfect curls. Featuring salon high heat and variable temperature settings for enhanced heat protection and long-lasting style. The advanced ceramic heating system gives super-fast heat up and maintains consistent heat on every section heating to a maximum heat of 235°C – I really must remember to tell her to be careful not to burn herself.

With the Ionic system which releases frizz-controlling ions these will help to smooth hair and add shine – lets face it, all teenagers (**cough cough** and me) want non-frizzy hair and if it looks shinier then they wont need to wash it as much – what is it with teens and their avoidance of washing?

It also comes with a carrying pouch which you can store them in after use and once they are cooled completely, perfect for when you are travelling to stop the lead tangling up in your suitcase.

These are priced at £60 which is half price. There are many gifts available at half price and also lots of 3 for 2 offers to take advantage of.

I’m pretty sure both of these gifts will be very well received by both recipients although I can see my cousin now sitting in front of the mirror even more than she already does!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Which gift options have you got your eye on for your loved ones and friends from Boots?

Disclaimer: I received these gifts in exchange for this post and have been compensated for my time. This post is in conjunction with Boots but all thoughts are my own

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