Christmas around the World

My children are very excited now as are nearly all children around the world I’m sure, they have written their lists for Santa, the tree is up and Mummy has purchased most of the gifts now with the torture of wrapping them now left.

They are already talking of what to leave out on a plate for Santa on Christmas eve – a Mince Pie and a glass of Whisky and a Carrot and Water for the Reindeer and their new years eve boxes are all ready – I will share with you shortly what those contain, and I certainly hope they sleep early that night but I know it won’t be the case.

We also have our very own Christmas traditions: We always put up our tree on the first weekend in December, we have Eddie the Elf come to visit from the 1st of December who brings the children their advent calendars and he then leaves on new years eve leaving their Christmas eve boxes when he goes – a nice way for the children to say goodbye and for then to snuggle down after their bath in new pyjamas for a family movie and quiet and calm time.

However, do you know some Christmas traditions from around the world?  Take a look at this infographic to see some of their Christmas traditions.

Christmas around the world
Infographic credit: Bright Horizons child care in Bury St Edmunds

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